Home Health When She Pressed A Hot Spoon On Hand, It Was Not Clear What Was Happening! Folk Medicine Against Mosquito Bite! You should try this!
When She Pressed A Hot Spoon On Hand, It Was Not Clear What Was Happening! Folk Medicine Against Mosquito Bite! You should try this!

When She Pressed A Hot Spoon On Hand, It Was Not Clear What Was Happening! Folk Medicine Against Mosquito Bite! You should try this!

Mosquito Bite

Is there anything that is more irritated than constant itching after the mosquito bite?

If you love nature and want to enjoy the summer days in the countryside, you will definitely get a mosquito bite.

You have folk tricks against mosquito bite

But with these few tricks, there will be no more annoying itches!

Folk medicine tricks against mosquito bite

-1. Hot Spoon

Put a spoon under hot water for 15 seconds.

Wait until the spoon is warm.

Then press the spoon into the place of a mosquito bite.

Hold for about a minute or until the spoon has cooled.

Itching should disappear as soon as you remove the spoon!

Mosquito uses a protein that is used to prevent blood coagulation under high temperatures, which causes itching and is located in the saliva of the mosquito.

-2. Ice

Put an ice cube on the mosquito bite.

Keep cube on the bite until the cube is dissolved.

It would be best to put a couple of ice cubes in a bag and keep in the place of bite twenty minutes.

The swelling and itching should go away.

-3. Alcohol

Clean the area of a mosquito bite with alcohol or alcohol wipes.

Soak a cotton swab with alcohol and gently rub the bite region.

This should eliminate or neutralize the remnants of the mosquito saliva.

-4. Water And Soap

Gently rinse the bite area with water and mild soap.

Gently press a towel to bitten place.

Even gently rinse with water and soap immediately after the bite should remove a large part of the mosquito saliva and help with the itch.

-5. Toothpaste

Put a little toothpaste on the bite region.

Ordinary toothpaste is good for this purpose while all gel products for your teeth will not be useful in this situation.

Wait for it to dry.

It would be best to leave the toothpaste overnight to the bite region, if possible.

Rinse off the paste with warm water and mild soap.

Toothpaste will dry out the bite region, it will remove irritation and swelling.

-6. Aspirin

Crush half a tablet of aspirin or any other painkiller.

Add a drop of water and stir all together into a paste.

Apply to the mixture to the bite region.

It will remove any irritation.

Of course, this should not be used by the people allergic to aspirin.

-7. Lemon Or Lime

Cut a piece of lemon or lime and gently rub over a bite region.

Also, you can squeeze a few drops of lemon or lime juice over the bite region although the first option is more efficient.

Citrus acid has certain properties that help with the itching.

-8. Honey

Apply a little honey on the mosquito bite.

Honey will soothe the area and will soften the skin.

-9. Vinegar

Soak cotton swab into a vinegar.

Place a cotton ball on the mosquito bite.

Keep on the bite region for a few minutes, even if it starts burning.

-10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is known to help with the itching.

Mix a little oatmeal with a little water.

Apply the paste to the bite region.

When the paste is dry, rinse it with lukewarm water.

-11. Baking powder

Mix one tablespoon of baking powder with warm water.

Put the paste on the bite region.

Leave a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.

The active ingredients in the baking powder often help with irritation when the insect bites.

-12. Nail

Use your nail to press the area of the bite, and around the bite, if it is broken.

Also, you can engrave X on the bite region, which spreads protein and temporarily relieves itching.

The pressure will ease the irritation, without actually scratch the bite region, which can lead to infection.

The next time if you are bitten by a mosquito, try some of these tricks.

In any situation, you can apply at least some of these tricks.

They will surely make your summer evenings more beautiful and enjoyable.



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