Proper Sleeping For Relaxation!

Proper Sleeping

If you do not have proper sleeping, you wake up “broken” and also with pain in certain body parts.

This condition is the consequence of the posture during sleeping.

Experts point out that sleeping on the side is the healthiest.

In addition, it is much better to sleep on the left side than the right side.

The reason why to sleep on the left side is better you can read in our article “Left Side Sleeping”.

Also, when you don`t have proper sleeping your spine, neck, shoulder, hip, and even forearm are straining.

Proper sleeping

When choosing a position, there are three curves on the body.

That is the lower back curve, in the middle of the back, and also around the neck.

These curves are important for the natural position of the body during sleep.

Therefore, lateral (side) position is the only one way of proper sleeping.

In addition, if you place a pillow between the knees, the position will be even more comfortable.

At the same time, that will relax the hips.

If you are a person’s with hypertension then you need to sleep on the left side.

However, you need to sleep on the right side if you have a kidney stone.

Sleeping on the stomach is not healthy because it leads to degeneration of the spinal column.

In this position, ligaments and also muscles around the spine tend to strain.

They are causing pressure on the nerves in the hands, which can lead to their numbness the following day.

This position is not recommended because of the weight that makes pressure on the lung.

In addition, that prevents deep inhaling and exhalation cycles.

It is also not recommended to sleep on the back because the tongue can fall back and block the breathing channel.

Special attention should be paid to people with snoring problem who are prone to apnea.

This back position, but halfway up, is recommended only to people with a sick heart and also some respiratory diseases.

For a proper head position, it is good to have a medium-high pillow or water pillow.

They will adjust the position of the body.

Have proper sleeping and share this way with your friends and also family members.

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