Protect Your Kidneys! Do Not Consume Too Much These Foods!


You know that our kidneys are also one of the important organs in our body.

Therefore, you cannot exaggerate with consuming some foods and also an ingredient that will damage them.

Anyway, some foods and also ingredients are never good for the health of our body!

Foods and also ingredients that can damage kidneys

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is basically the venom that your kidney has to filter and also a problem for them.

Alcohol consumption does not make this job too difficult, however, it also causes excessive pressure on them.

Too much alcohol actually changes the function of the kidney, just as it changes the function of your brain and also makes them unable to efficiently filter your blood.

In addition, alcohol has a dehydrating property, and also water is of critical importance for the function of the kidney, as well as for each individual cell in our body.

This inner struggle is one also of the reasons why you have the hangover.

Also, it is very important to drink plenty of water whenever you drink alcohol!

2. Salt

Salt is actually an important ingredient that also helps our bodies to maintain a proper balance of liquidity.

However, there is also a better way to have a healthy body if you use Himalayan salt.

Working together with potassium, sodium also keeps our blood so it can effectively filter through the kidney.

However, when you have too much salt in your diet, the kidneys are also forced to hold more water to get rid of the blood.

This eventually increases blood pressure and can also even damage microscopic structures within the kidney that perform actual filtering works – nephron!

3. Caffeine

Many of us also need daily caffeine intake to really work in the morning, plus an evening dose or two when we have to work late.

However, because caffeine stimulates, it speeds up blood flow and can also increase blood pressure.

It is a mild diuretic, which means it affects the kidney’s ability to absorb water and can also lead to dehydration.

In addition, if you consume small amounts, caffeine does not damage kidneys.

Excessive consumption, however, can exacerbate disease of the kidney and also cause the formation of kidney stones.

However, if you drink two or three drinks with caffeine or not more than 3 cups of Turkish coffee a day and also drink enough water, you do not have to worry!

4. Energy and also soda brands drinks

They have good taste and, also, at the same time, are full of sugar but these drinks are extremely problematic.

In addition, there is no health value that you can use for beverages and energy drinks so their removal from the diet is completely one of the best things you can do to reduce the pressure on the kidneys and also improve overall health.

5. Artificial sweeteners and also sugar substitutes

Artificial sweeteners, such as those found in dietary juices, should reduce our dependence on unhealthy sugars, however, this also has no success.

Research also shows that the use of artificial sweeteners does not reduce total sugar consumption.

In addition, if you are still looking for a better substitute for sugar, try natural stevia or natural honey.

6. Dairy products – just overdose is bad, otherwise, they are also healthy!

Milk products are rich in calcium and also other nutrients, as well as proteins.

They can be a healthy supplement to your diet, but also you do not over-eat them.

Too much calcium can lead to stones in the kidneys because your kidneys are also struggling to excrete excess urine.

Overloaded kidneys will also not be able to handle protein waste and will reach a dangerous level in your body.

In addition, research shows that limiting the production of dairy products to people with kidney disease may delay the need for dialysis.

7. Inorganic food

Probably it is no surprise that poison is also not good for our body.

What you may not realize is that it is almost impossible to rinse the remnants of pesticides on inorganic and also processed products because it penetrates into food.

Once swallowed, our bodies are not able to dispose of these chemicals and their levels also build up during our lives.

Recent studies also show that people with chronic kidney disease tend to have a higher level of pesticide residues in their body.

The exact link between pesticides and also kidney disease is still unknown.

However, researchers found that high levels of pesticide residues in the body cause significant oxidative damage to the kidneys.

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