It Is Proved That Essential Oils Fight Cancer, Increase Immunity And Enhance A Sense Of Well-being!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

In a lot of countries for decades were using essential oils for the removal of various diseases.

Essential oils are effective treatment against dangerous diseases

Here are some of the best essential oils

Frankincense essential oil

Various types of frankincense essential oils are found that kill bladder cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer cells.

At the University of Oklahoma, researchers found that different types of frankincense essential oils are effective in killing cancer cells.

These essential oils are targeting cancerous cells in the bladder tumors, killing them and leaving healthy cells.

Frankincense essential oil is effective in the prevention of breast cancer, but also for non-invasive treatment of basal cell carcinoma.

Natural essential oils are a great help in the fight against cancer, enhance immunity and improve health and well-being.

Black pepper essential oil

Black pepper essential oil is used for sinus congestion, asthma, respiratory infections, chronic digestive disorders, irregular metabolism, obesity, cholera, problems with urination, headaches, toxic residues in the gut and intermittent fever.

Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon essential oil with compound cinnamaldehyde has the ability to prevent developing and kill the tumor cells and cancer cells.

Clove essential oil

Clove essential oil contains 30 times more antioxidants than blueberries, which helps reduce free radicals.

Oregano essential oil

Oregano essential oil has active compound carvacrol that has been shown to have excellent antitumor effects.

Cardamom essential oil

Cardamom essential oil has anti-tumor effects.

Fennel essential oil

Fennel essential oil contains terpenoid anethole which has estrogenic and chemopreventive effects.

Incense essential oil

Incense essential oil is killing bladder cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer cells.

Rosemary essential oil

One study concluded that one percent of essential rosemary essential oil successfully deactivate more than 90 percent of ovarian cancer cells.

Thyme essential oil

A study in 2010 showed that thyme essential oil is effective in the fight against breast cancer and lung cancer.

Coconut essential oil

Coconut essential oil is one of the most amazing oils and has almost endless health benefits and can fight and kill cancer cells.



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