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Prunes help weight loss! It’s Important The Amount You Consume!

Prunes help weight loss! It’s Important The Amount You Consume!

Experts say that prunes soothe your appetite and thus make it easier to lose weight.

A handful of prunes a day and your weight loss target will be easier.

That is a recommendation of English researchers, who found that this dried fruit can be a great method of healthy eating and lose excess weight.

The experts of the University of Liverpool have followed the weight and appetite of hundred overweight and obese people.

They gave to the participants detailed advice which can help them to lose weight.

At the same time, half of the participants received the task to nibbling dried plums every day.

The men get a ration of 170 grams of dried plums – prunes (which is about 15 pieces), and women get a ration of 140 grams (twelve pieces).

All these participants were lost about the same amount of weight over a period of three months.

They lost less than 2 kilograms and also about 2 ½ centimeters in the waist.

In addition, participants quickly achieve results at the end of the study period.

Prunes help weight loss

They claimed that they felt satiated – probably due to a large amount of fiber that prunes contain.

People know prunes for digestive disorders that leave behind – constipation.

However, in this study prunes were extremely tolerated and were not associated with major digestive problems.

Also, experts recommend to people who want to lose weight no more than 30 grams of dried plums a day.

Dried plums are rich in sugars, but it seems that this did not bother these participants.

The effect of prunes on appetite is far greater than any damage that these ingredients leave for their amount of sugar.

In a similar way are useful and other dried fruits, such as raisins – explain Professor Jason Halford who worked on the study.

One of the biggest problems with weight loss diets is that you are hungry.

This does not necessarily mean that the prunes are the new miracle solution to weight loss, but they will not undermine the results of the weight loss treatment.

If you want to keep bones strong, eat more prunes, claim USA experts.

In their view, dried plums are exceptional for bone health.

In addition, they can lower the levels of bad cholesterol – LDL.

Dried plums can also reduce the risk of coronary artery disease and heart attack.

At the same time, dried plums are encouraging digestion and reducing the concentration of lithocholic acid.

Prunes may also help in preventing of colon cancer.

Our advice for the ideal snack is a bowl of yogurt, two tablespoons of oat bran or flakes, a scoop of cinnamon, a few walnuts and also a handful of dried plums and cranberries!

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