Psoriatic Arthritis – Immune System Disease You Can Keep Under Control!

Psoriatic Arthritis

People mostly know what psoriasis arthritis is.

In addition, those who have this disease know what problems they have and how it looks.

Basically, the disease is characterized by red dry stamps with gray parts of the dry skin that can occur anywhere on the skin.

These stamps, however, can also engage the wrist part but also penetrate deep into the skin and below the skin.

Also, they can spread to the joints and then create a type of arthritis – psoriatic or psoriatic arthritis.

As with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis is unfortunately not easy to treat.

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms

In addition, if the disease is not controlled, it can affect the articulation of the joints.

Then, this disease can spread to the eyes, where frequent conjunctivitis and leaking of the eyes occur.

At the same time, the disease can also be transmitted to the cardiovascular system.

However, the disease has its own stages of calming and developing without a clear cause, so it is difficult to control its response.

Though psoriatic arthritis may occur on any joint, most commonly affects the joints of the elbow.

At the same time, very often patients complain about changes in the joints of their fingers.

It can also appear as a parallel symptom, but it can also affect only one side.

The first symptoms are same as other joint disorders, which is very often misdiagnosed.

First swelling and joint pains occur, sometimes feverishness or unusual back pain.

It is easiest to diagnose this disease in people who already have psoriasis.

In that case, the doctor will in advance prepare the patient for this possibility.

Sometimes, however, psoriatic arthritis also occurs before the symptoms of psoriasis.

Like psoriasis itself, psoriatic arthritis is a disease of the immune system, but this time attacks the cells of the subcutaneous tissue that wraps the wrist.

Causes are by genetic factor and also a certain lifestyle and stress.

It is most common in people between 30 and 50 years of age.

Sometimes you can use ordinary natural treatments to treat inflammation and joint pain.

However, in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, special dietary treatment is advised, which has proven to have positive effects.

Psoriatic arthritis diet

When the recommended diet for this disease begins, the doctor advises the patient to lower the weight, as the fatty tissue increases the inflammation.

As with ordinary arthritis, it is necessary to avoid all that exacerbates inflammation:

Red meat

– Processed sugar

Fast food

– Tomatoes

– Eggplants

– And also potatoes

Instead those foods you can consume:

– Salmon

– Spinach

– Kale

– And also blueberries

Those foods are good as a natural remedy in inflammation of the joints.

In addition, some nutritionists recommend Paleo-diet.

That means avoiding:

Processed food

– Bean

– Sour milk

The paleo-diet is basically based on the caveman diet or stone-age diet.

Therefore, it exempts everything that has been processed or grown in a modern way.

Others say that the Mediterranean diet gives good results because it is rich in omega-3 acids.

It means eating fish and beef and eating food on olive oil (the Orthodox post is the closest to the Mediterranean diet).

Reduce gluten, as it has been shown to increase the symptoms of the disease.

Although it is difficult for our diet to completely release the gluten from the diet, it is enough to reduce it to a minimum.

Natural Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis

In addition to diet, the nutritionists recommend a number of natural solutions that have proven as alternative medicine.

They cannot cure the disease yet but can reduce their symptoms, relieve pain, and also swelling.

Although it may be counterproductive, you need to have exercises because it keeps the movement of the joints.

For this purpose, yoga, swimming, and also Tai chi exercises, increase the joints’ mobility.

However, you need to do those things without excessive pressure and load on the body.

Patients also reported to their physicians that massage, acupuncture, and acupressure were good for them.

In the case of pain, it can also help if you put and change cold and warm lining on the wrist.

This means that you should literally put it a warmer – hot and then ice.

Of course, only if that is not making problems for the patient.

In some patients, it also helps when they warm the wrist slightly.

It can be achieved with a hot water bottle or electric blankets.

You do not need too much warm up the wrist, but just warm up slightly.

Others, on the other hand, loved mild ice cooling.

You can try what is suitable for the patient.

Natural remedies that you can include in the diet are chili peppers (capsaicin is beneficial), sea salt from the Dead Sea, oat, grapes, and also turmeric.

Of course, on the skin, you can also apply natural preparations such as:

Aloe Vera

Apple cider vinegar

– Tea tree oil

Those ingredients increase the blood flow and, therefore increase blood circulation at joints, which again leads to reducing pain and swelling.


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