Home Health The Queen Of Spring! Amazing Nettle Benefits That You Need To Know!
The Queen Of Spring! Amazing Nettle Benefits That You Need To Know!

The Queen Of Spring! Amazing Nettle Benefits That You Need To Know!

Nettle Benefits

This green plant does not look tempting but nettle is actually extremely useful medicinal plant.

Nettle benefits are discovering more recent years.

Don`t be surprised from healthy Nettle benefits

Nettle blooms from spring to autumn and is an excellent addition to pasta, but it is most popular as an ingredient in a good healthy soup.

Whenever you prepare nettle for food it is not necessary to boil.

It is enough just blanched this plant in boiling water for no longer than two minutes.

On that way, we will preserve the maximum nettle benefits and medicinal properties.

There are a lot of reasons why it is good to eat nettles:

– It improves the digestive system

– It accelerates the discharge of harmful substances from the body

– It is good for cleaning blood and kidney

– It has a positive effect on the pancreas

– It helps lower the blood sugar

– It helps to treat urinary tract infection treated and stimulates the bowel, which acts as a diuretic

– It contains vitamin C and vitamin A, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and many others.

Nettle benefits of nettle tea are used for:

– Liver and gall bladder

– Sleep disorders

– Stomach cramps


– Lung disease, etc.

If you decide to pick this widespread gem by yourself, you should choose places where there is no pollution, far from highways and settlements and make sure you wear gloves.

As is well known, leaves and stems are covered with stingers, causing skin burns after touching the plants.

Also, regardless of the medicinal properties, nettle should not be consumed fresh because then can cause problems with the stomach and skin reddening.

Nettles generally grow in the spring and then it`s best for consumption, but can be grown throughout the year if you regularly shorn.

In fact, when nettles bloom is no longer edible.




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