Home Health For Quick Cleaning Intestines! 6 Techniques That Work Safely!
For Quick Cleaning Intestines! 6 Techniques That Work Safely!

For Quick Cleaning Intestines! 6 Techniques That Work Safely!

If you are tortured with regular digestion, try one of these tips that have helped many people in cleaning intestines.

When you feel pressure in the intestines and urge for great necessity, do not worry!

If nothing happens, and you will soon have to leave home or away from work, do not worry!

We’ll give you tips to help speed-up your digestion and will also help in cleaning intestines.

6 techniques that work safely in cleaning intestines

-1. Drink warm liquid

Coffee, tea, or a cup of hot water – any hot liquid helps in this situation because it extends blood vessels, improves blood flow and thus triggers the digestive system.

-2. Move your body

Do not be sad and think nervously about how you cannot do a great job (go in the toilet).

Do something in your home, make some dynamic stretches.

You can also walk a little on the stairs if you are near them.

Just move because physical activity will also trigger and help you in cleaning intestines.

-3. Wake up earlier

If you want to “push” the digestive system to a “great job”, definitely stand early to establish a routine to be included and go to the toilet.

Also, do not forget that the body needs time to digest food and stimulate its “outgoing”.

-4. Massage perineum

The scientists from the Los Angeles University found that light pressure on the perineum (a group of muscles that covers the area around the vaginal and anal opening and “holds” the stomach) can soften and help you in cleaning intestines.

So you can try to start digestion with a light massage of that piece of the body.

That will also help if you have constipation and when none of the aforementioned advice helps.

-5. Eat foods with lots of fiber

Consume nutrients rich in fiber on an everyday basis as they greatly enhance digestion.

Whole grains, nuts, and bran can be the ideal choice for the morning snack.

For lunch, put broccoli, zucchini, green leafy vegetables, and also legumes.

In addition, you can eat apples and pears (do not peel them) for dessert, as there is the largest amount of fiber in it.

-6. Yoga Poses

Ardha Matsyendrasana – spinning the spine in its seat position

First, kneel and then sit on the floor on the right side of the foot.

Then lift your leg and set your left foot off the right side of the right knee and with your right hand touch the left knee.

This position stimulates the complete digestive system and also helps with your problem.

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