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Raspberry Juice

Raspberry JuiceHow to make a completely natural homemade Raspberry Juice? A lot of people want to make a raspberry juice seedless, so here we will accommodate them. For this, there is an old and simple recipe.


3 kg raspberries

3 kg of sugar

Already the ingredients seem to be very simple, right?


In a wide pan put 1/3 of raspberries, and sprinkle them with one row of sugar, also 1/3 of sugar, which is about 1 kg.

You do not have to be precisely measured, exactly, but about the way.

Then, over the sugar put again red raspberries (about 1 kg), a row of sugar and so once again.

Cover the bowl with a large piece of gauze and leave raspberry to stand in sugar, that whole day and night, in order to dismiss the good juice.

After a few hours from the start of preparation, stir occasionally and to do so more times (the more the better), that the raspberry will faster and better make a juice to and sugar will be completely melted in it.

Raspberry juice you can make at your home

The next day, when you are sure the sugar is dissolved, strain it through gauze juice on which will keep only the raspberry seeds and nothing more.

You will achieve this by squeezing raspberry with your hands, strongly pressing out the raspberry juice.

Do it little by little, which means, do not squeeze entire amount at once, but in smaller measures, as many as you convenient to do so.

It is recommended that you use for squeezing more pieces of gauze because it will be easier to wring the raspberry juice through clean and new gauze.

It`s not hard, only required a bit of patience and skill, which is really easy to rehearse, mainly after the first attempt.

When you have finished the job, you’ll get the raspberry juice, which is in the form of syrup, completely pure, natural and very concentrated.

The fact that this raspberry juice has a lot of sugar does not require preservatives to maintain, so it is completely healthy with all the vitamins and minerals that fresh raspberry contain.

Since it is free of preservatives free it can drink and children.

Do not be worried about what is and is very dense because when final use easily and conveniently diluted with water and the amount of water will be determined by yourself.

So raspberry juice for end serving can be conveyed at will and fulfill everyone’s request because someone likes when the juice is strong and sweet and some not so much.

Just to remind you that raspberry juice with flavonoids has anti-cancer properties, help for treatment of stomach diseases, against fever, is strengthen the heart, you can treat if you have hemorrhoids, allergies of skin, positively regulate blood sugar and in amounts that is reasonable is safe for people with diabetes.

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