Home Health When You Read This You Will Never Throw Coffee Grounds!
When You Read This You Will Never Throw Coffee Grounds!

When You Read This You Will Never Throw Coffee Grounds!

If you are drinking coffee, for sure you have coffee grounds in your cup.

Wake up to the smell of coffee is one of the best ways for the awakening of all the senses and start the day!

Except that we are prepared and full of energy for operating of daily obligations, drinking coffee leaves behind residues and ground coffee beans that can be of great help in the fight against odors and dirt.

In addition, coffee grounds you can use for growing plants and force the curious animals from your garden.

Read on to learn how you can take advantages of the coffee in your household today!

Coffee grounds advantages

Do you know that coffee removes odors from the freezer?

To prevent odors in the freezer, put it in the dry ground coffee!

Insert dry ground coffee in a covered bowl with holes in the lid and place the whole thing in the freezer.

Coffee will absorb all odors from your freezer.

Change the contents of the bowl every two weeks because its absorption naturally weakens with time.

Facilitates cleaning fireplaces

If you are about to clean the fireplace, before grasp the wiper, sprinkle ashes of accumulated wet ground coffee beans.

Humidity will connect small dust particles and prevent them from spreading around the apartment when you clean.

This is a simple way to prevent the emergence of an even bigger mess!

It helps to combat stubborn stains

If you don`t have a wire sponge

For additional grating of burned pots and dirty plates use the remains of ground coffee!

It stimulates the growth of flowers

Used coffee grounds are full of nutrients that you can use as a fertilizer for plants corresponding to acidic soil.

Sprinkle the remains of coffee on the ground on which are roses, rhododendron, evergreen plants, and camellia and watch your plants grow.

It acts as an excellent tool for peeling

When you are making a homemade soap remember to put milled grains of coffee!

This will remove odors and bits of coffee will also act as a gentle and fragrant scrub.

Eliminates the smell of garlic on your fingers

When you are cooking many foods, they can leave a strong smell on our hands.

Cleaning garlic or fish is especially problematic therefore keep in the sink a little ground coffee.

After, you can scrub your hands and rinse with water to remove the odors from your hands.

Facilitates composting

Coffee in its composition contains a small percentage of nitrogen, which stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms and thus helps the composting!

Removes smell from shoes

Dry coffee grounds insert in an old sock or pantyhose, tie the knot and put overnight in worn sneakers or shoes.

During overnight, this method will absorb odors.

In the same way, you can refresh the wardrobe that does not get air often.

It will move out the curious cats from your garden

You grow diverse flowers and also you are angry when neighbor`s cats walk among your plants?

Make a mixture of coffee grounds and some orange barks to get a mix of strong odors and put it on the ground.

Cats will run away from that smell and will leave your plants alone.

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