The Recipe For A Longevity Of 1500 Years Old! The Secret Of Shaolin Priest In 10 Steps!


The principles of this philosophy you can apply wherever you live and whatever you do, and health and longevity are secured.

If you are looking for a veritable recipe for health, peace, and longevity, look for it from experienced people who, hundreds, or nearly two thousand years, find ways to live in harmony with them and with nature.

Although the Western world links only with Kung Fu, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong martial arts, the Shaolin Priests of life know much more.

It is known that they live long and healthy.

In addition, they are vital and calm and their learning is unique.

Also, that is, in fact, a blend of learning and belief in Buddhism and Taoism.

More specifically, everybody believes in one way of each one of us.

That is a believing that each one carries its own truth, to which everyone has to come to do with the techniques (martial arts, meditation).

Shaolin wisdom cannot make the reality silly because reality depends only on how everyone sees himself.

Also, that is his relationship with the world.

In addition, you can translate Kung Fu as ‘hard work’ or ‘effort’ and for Shaolin priests are the main tool if you want to get to know yourself and find your way.

Therefore, Shifu Yan Lei, the 34th generation of masters of these martial arts, wrote tips for all who want to live long.

At the same time, you will have a healthy life and you will preserve your vitality.

Tips for longevity

– 1. Do not think much.

Thinking consumes a lot of energy.

From too much thinking you are getting older.

– 2. Do not speak too much.

Most of the people are talking stories or work.

For you is better to work.

– 3. When you work, work for 40 minutes and then pause for 10 minutes.

When you are looking at something for a long period of time, you disrupt vision and inner organs, as well as inner peace.

– 4. When you are lucky, control that feeling.

When you lose control, you destroy energy in the lungs.

– 5. Do not worry or get angry too much.

You’re losing the energy of the liver and the throat.

– 6. When you eat, do not eat too much.

When you are over, you can distract the spleen.

Eat a little when you start to feel hungry.

– 7. When you do something, do not rush, do it slowly.

“Go slowly and you will arrive.”

– 8. If you only deal with physical activity and you do not do Qi gong (breathing, focus …), you will become very impatient and nervous.

You will lose balance in your body and also you will lose Yin.

That is the female principle (evil, darkness, hatred) that maintains harmony with the Yang principle.

– 9. If you do not deal with physical activity and you just relax or meditate, you will lose harmony.

Then you will not have Yang’s energy (male principle – spirit, love, light, and good).

– 10. Shaolin Kung Fu gives you everything for longevity.

The essence of the training is to make the balance between Yin and Yang.

It does not matter how many hours you spend.

You need to give your healthy body what your body needs.

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