Red Food Leaves Doctors Out Of Work!

Red Food

Stores are full of strawberries, cherries, tomatoes – in one word, red food.

A season of red food (fruits and vegetables) started, which, besides remarkable color and pleasant taste, attracted us also because of the vitamins and minerals that are incredibly beneficial for our organism.

In addition, you surely adore cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and vegetables like tomatoes, and this is great news.

The markets and also shops are full of this season’s red food.

Therefore, you enjoy them more often because they have incredible benefits for your organism.

Red food that is good for your health


Among the most popular red fruits are certainly strawberries.

They contain a lot of folic acids that is also especially important to women who plan a pregnancy.

In addition, it reduces the risk of abortion and some inborn disorders in the child.

Vitamin C is also usually associated with citrus fruits.

However, strawberries are just as good a source – eight smaller strawberries contain more vitamin C than an orange.

Strawberries also lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and contribute to heart health.

The season does not last long, however, in addition, to fresh, frozen strawberries can also buy and frozen strawberries.

In addition, you need to know that there is no added sugar in them.

Red pepper

Red peppers are also the right vitamin C bomb.

However, they contain not only vitamin C but also vitamin A.

As you probably know, vitamin A is also extremely important for the health of bones, teeth, and skin.

Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which gives them anger, but also reduces inflammation, relieves the symptoms of arthritis and alleviates headaches.


Cherries own their attractive color to anthocyanin.

Anthocyanin is also a powerful antioxidant that has a beneficial effect on the bloodstream.

In addition, to anthocyanins, cherries contain melatonin that helps insomnia.

It’s enough to eat about seven cherries a day to sleep better.

In addition, the skin of cherries contains many fibers that help digestion and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The cherry season is not long, but dried cherries are also available all year round.

At the same time, they are an excellent addition to oat flakes.


Every year is marked with tomato, which, besides the attractive bright red color, contains numerous vitamins and also minerals that are important for the health of the organism.

The most famous is lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that is useful in the fight against breast cancer.

It also helps in the preservation of heart health.

In addition, the effect of lycopene is enhanced by cooking.

Therefore, besides raw tomato, it is necessary to consume cooked dishes containing tomato or a natural tomato sauce.

In addition, apart from lycopene, tomatoes contain plenty of potassium, which helps maintain normal blood pressure.

They also contain vitamin B6, which is essential for healthy hair, eyes, and also liver.

Tomatoes also help in the health of the nervous system.


Raspberry contains many fibers that reduce the level of bad cholesterol and also provide good digestion.

Antioxidant resveratrol slows down aging.

In addition, ellagitannins are considered useful in preventing uterine cancer.

Ellagitannin also helps to restore muscle and strengthens immunity.

Raspberries are also easily available in the frozen form, but as with strawberries, those with no added sugar should be selected.


Watermelons as a red food are like tomatoes an excellent source of lycopene.

In addition, to other health benefits, watermelon is reducing the risk of Macular degeneration.

In other words, Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries.

Watermelons help preserve the health of the veins and also reduce the risk of stroke.

This red food contains very few calories.

In addition, they contain many potassium and magnesium, but they also have a perfect refreshment in hot summer days.

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