RED RADISH – Small but amazing vegetable

Red Radish

Red Radish
Radish (Raphanus sativus) in Asian markets is also known by name Daikon.

Radish can be red, white or black and their shape can be round long or cylindrical.

Radish can be eaten pickled, cooked or raw.

You can obtain oil from radish seeds and can be used in beneficial health applications and in a lot of products.

The leaves, pods, seeds and flowers are the parts that can be consumed from the radish.

Due to its good-looking red radish is often used as a decoration on the table.

It`s common and beloved part of our salad it is sweet or pungent in taste and is a source of a lot of juice.

Red radish is a low calorific plant so that at the time of the ancient Egyptians was an important part of the pharaoh’s child.

Because of its medicinal properties of red radish fed and workers pyramid which was necessary to ensure good health.

Then, red radish as a healing and healthy food was highly valued in ancient Greece, China, Japan, and today has a good reputation.

Red radish has amazing healing benefits

Red radish is a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants and here you have all the benefits of using these plants.

– Red radish contains low calories and is thus useful for food disorder

– Red radish is powerful detoxifier

– As a good antioxidant provides protection against cancer

– Good for Diabetes because doesn`t impact sugar levels in your blood

– Is excellent for treating Jaundice

– it`s healing the symptoms of hemorrhoids

– Is contains Potassium and, therefore, is reducing blood pressure

– Refine blood and help for cardiovascular conditions

– Positive effect on the work of thyroid

– Stimulates digestion

– Leaflets constipation

– It is useful in healing Leucoderma

– Eliminate bad breath from the oral cavity

– Prevents the formation of kidney stones

– Relieves pain and cures urinary infections

– Relieves menstrual pain

– Red radish is good for your skin because contains vitamin C, zinc, phosphorus and some vitamin B complex

– Can be used like effective healing from bee stings and insect bites

– Gives the body vigor and stops you from feeling bad mood and lethargy

People with sensitive stomachs should be cautious with the use of radishes because there is hardly digest.

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