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Reduce Dementia Risk By 86%! Scientists Prove!

Reduce Dementia Risk By 86%! Scientists Prove!

Despite the incredible achievements of modern medicine, the cause and the reliable remedy for dementia have not yet been revealed.

That is why the focus is on prevention.

Many scientists have been researching what is likely to reduce the risk of this degenerative brain disease.

There is a recent large-scale analysis, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging.

They found that drinking teas can be incredibly positive.

It is reducing the effect of dementia for about 50 percent.

What’s more, scientists find that in patients with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease, this risk is reducing to an incredible 86 percent!

“The data we come across in the study suggests that simple and also inexpensive habits such as daily drinking teas every day may reduce the risk of developing neurocognitive disorders in later years,” said Dr. Feng Lei, professor of psychology at the National University of Singapore.

Tea benefits to dementia and neurological health

In addition, to drinking tea, Dr. Feng Lei and his team also took into account other factors:

– Health

Physical activity

– Also social activity

Experts believe that the benefits the healthy teas provide are crucial.

The majority of ingredients that help are from leaves such as:

– Catechin

– Theaflavin

– Thearubigin

– L-theanine

These compounds have strong anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant properties.

In addition, the other bioactive ingredients in the tea also prevent vascular damage.

At the same time, they prevent neurodegenerative brain changes.

“Our understanding of the details of biological mechanisms is still very limited.

Therefore, we need more research for definitive answers,” said Dr. Feng Lei.

Which tea is the best dementia prevention?

Dr. Feng Lei and his team explored the influence of the teas that are common in Chinese nutrition.

Those teas are:

Black tea

Green tea

Narrow-leaved paperbark

It turned out no matter which of these three you choose – each of them protects cells from cognitive illnesses.

In addition, those illnesses are in association with aging.

Share this article and prevent dementia with your friends and also family members.

Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28891114




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