How To Relieve Sunburn! Natural Remedies!

Relieve Sunburn

Relieve Sunburn

Sunburn is the first indication that you have your skin excessively exposed to sunlight.

A lot of times before you are warned to beware of strong sunlight, stand aside in the shade and be sure to use sunscreen.

But what to do if the sun deceives you and you get sunburn?

Relieve sunburn on healthy natural ways

If you do not have at hand the appropriate cream which can help to alleviate problems such as redness, pain, burning sensation, you can make a homemade lotion that will keep you solve this unpleasant ordeal and relieve sunburn.

In our article below you can read how you can make a natural remedy for sunburn in your home and how best to protect your skin and relieve sunburn.

What is sunburn – symptoms

Tanned skin looks really nice, but you should be aware of the fact that the excessive and imprudent exposure to the sun is very dangerous.

Various products with a high SPF and umbrella can partly to protect you, but despite all these known things it can happen that you’ll burn.

The problem is not just the pain that you feel when you get burnt, but primarily at risk that you incur because of excessive exposure to solar radiation known to cause malignant melanoma of the skin.

Therefore, our advice is to be very cautious when you socialize with direct sunlight.

These problems can get people who are with slightly lighter complexion.

In a recent study conducted at the US Institute, it was found that about 42 percent of people who get sick sunburn from the sun at least once a year.

Usually, the first symptom of sunburn is redness of the skin, which may be with the different degrees of pain, which is proportional to the extent of the duration and intensity of exposure.

Other symptoms may include redness, itching, rash, nausea, fever, chills, and sometimes accompanied by fever and malaise.

In the most severe cases, the body can reach a state of shock.

Burns can be first or second degree.

Small problems usually do not cause anything more than mild redness and sensitivity of the skin that is affected.

But in severe cases, they know to come in the form of blisters.

They tend to be so painful that require hospitalization.

Sunburn can occur in people taking some medication such as antibiotics from the group of tetracyclines that enhance the effect of UV rays on the skin, as well as retinoids to the skin.

They can occur in people who have in their menu used phototoxic ingredients such as celery.

They know to occur when the skin has been in contact with the leaves of tomatoes, celery and exposed to sunlight.

The first sign is redness, then the blisters and finally know that remain dark spots which are very difficult to remove.

Pain, heat and tension that you feel in the place where burns appeared it`s the best to alleviate with the constant hydration of the skin.

But if the burns are bigger and harder, you should not be used greasy and heavy creams because it`s known that they can cause infection.

Studies have shown that if you get one blister due to sunburn in childhood or in adolescence it has more than twice chance to develop melanoma later in life.

The risk to get melanoma is twice bigger if a person had several same complaints at any age.

The most common parts of basal cell carcinoma, squamous-cell carcinoma and tumor carcinoma cells are exposed areas such as the ears, arms and face.

Sunburn treatment with natural products

Painful sunburn can occur after the first 15 minutes if you are exposed to strong sunlight.

After half an hour the skin can become red, but usually is redness occurs 2-6 hours after exposure.

Pain becomes extreme about 6 – 48 hours after exposure.

These problems can usually last 1 – 3 days.

Then there is persistent itching and well-known peeling skin which sometimes can persists for several weeks.

If you belong to the group of people who each year are burned in the sun, then this is our text to cure sunburn as ordered for you.

Here are the most effective ways to treat and relieve sunburn

-1. Use coverings on the sunburn.

After burns, the skin is inflamed and cold water can only help her.

You can use ordinary tap water or add a few ice cubes in water in a cloth and place it on the sore spot to relieve sunburn.

Repeat the process every few minutes until the cloth is warm.

Apply several times a day for about 10-15 minutes.

-2. Add one cup of vinegar in the bath to balance a skin pH value (alkaline and acid).

Apple cider vinegar soothes inflammation and prevents the appearance of blisters.

It would be best to dissolve in warm water 3 cups of vinegar.

After the bath, do not dry your skin with a towel, but leave your skin to dry itself.

-3. Use creams which are containing aloe vera and soothe the skin.

Some products contain lidocaine – an anesthetic that can help you get rid of the pain and relieve sunburn.

-4. Creams which in themselves have corticosteroids also can reduce swelling, pain and itching with sunburn.

-5. Drink an aspirin to get rid of the pain and alleviate inflammation.

-6. Apply cold milk with clean gauze on your skin to relieve sunburn.

Milk will create a protein protection on your skin that will facilitate the discomfort of sunburn.

-7. Painful skin areas can cool off if you rub them with pieces of chilled cucumber, which at the same time hydrates the skin.

Cucumbers have natural antioxidant and analgesic properties.

You can mix cucumber in blender and use of as mask against sunburn for your face.

-8. Wear always cotton clothing, especially during hot weather.

Natural balms for sunburn

-1. Olive oil and lavender oil must be part of your therapy because their effects on the skin have long been proven for treating sunburn.

A high percentage of vitamin E, vitamin A and unsaturated fat regenerate and stimulate the regeneration of the skin in a natural way.

Of course, in its healing capacity is lavender oil which is recommended to use in its concentrate form.

A few drops of this essential oil (undiluted) put directly on your skin and it will not come to any irritation.

You can also mix 60 ml of distilled water 9 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of mint.

Soak gauze in this tincture and gently slide over the damaged skin.

-2. Marigold is the perfect remedy to relieve sunburn.

Thanks to the carotenoids, flavonoids, saponins, essential oils which contain, it will rapidly recover your skin.

The coating can be set up by two hands of marigold flower poured with one liter of boiling water.

Allow the tea to cool, then strain it and soak gauze.

-3. St. John’s Wort oil can treat sunburn.

St. John`s Wort is used for treatment many diseases and one of them is the treatment of burns.

St. John`s Wort tea and its oil, you can get by mixing 3 tablespoons of St. John’s wort and 200 grams of vegetable oil and let it sit for about 3 weeks in a sealed glass container.

Occasionally stir the mixture.

After 3 weeks the resulting tincture strain through gauze.

-4. Burnt skin will suit the good old and tried and tested method:

Lubricate painful place with cold sour milk and wash off after 15 minutes from the skin.

-5. Yogurt against sunburn

When you drink yogurt is known that has a probiotic that not only relieves symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract but has also a beneficial effect on the skin.

It is particularly effective in the fight against eczema, acne and pimples.

However, you should consume yogurt with low-fat and no sugar because sugar can harm your skin.

It is therefore recommended Greek yogurt for sunburn because it contains almost twice more nutrients than regular dairy products.

-6. Use chamomile tea for sunburn

Chamomile is one of the plants that are most commonly used for burns.

If you want to help your skin coat with chamomile tea will be a big help.

Add one tablespoon of chamomile in a cup of boiling water and let sit for about half an hour.

Tincture of tea you can add to any natural and vitamin cream.

Peeling off your skin means skin renewal

When the skin starts to peel, it means to be renewed.

Dead skin layer you should not remove by yourself, but leave the skin to heal itself.

If you happen to get a sunburn, the first and most important rule is that the next few days do not expose your skin to the sun until the skin is healed.

The best cure is prevention.

The first of all you should know the summer skin protection things.

Always use sunscreen, wear cotton clothing and a hat, light-colored clothing is the most efficient and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating, even when it’s cloudy.

Stay at home when there are powerful rays of the sun from 11 am to 17 pm.

Wear required glasses with UV protection.


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