Respectful Lemon Balm! For Long Life, Nervous system, Digestive Disorders!

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a medicinal herb that has been used for ages.

This herb people recognize and also appreciate all over the world.

In addition, this plant is a frequent guest in many gardens because of its soothing properties.

Lemon balm is particularly successful in the Mediterranean, but also in the Middle East.

This perennial herb is composed of vivid yellow flowers that can also have a white or purple color.

Also, this is a very valuable herb because it can be used as a natural treatment for many health problems.

Lemon balm for better health and longer life

Among other health benefits, this herb has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and also contributes to longevity.

At the same time, it improves the mood in the home and office if you use it as a decoration.

The plant can also treat:


– Tension

– Also, stress

Lemon balm also calms the stomach and digestive disorders, including:

– Nausea

– Vomiting

– Also, bad appetite



This well-known herb eliminates nervousness and depression, relieves menstrual cramps and also reduces irritability caused by PMS.

In addition, it can treat a headache, migraine, dizziness, tingling in the ears, relieves cough and bronchitis.

And in one study that were involving 116 people suffering from herpes, the cream prepared from lemon balm was much better than inactive (placebo) creams.

At the same time, it has been proven that this herb shortens the time of herpes treatment for several days.

According to nutritionists, you can also achieve similar effects by using tea from this herb.

You just need to put 2 teaspoons of dry lemon balm in a one cup of boiling water.

Cook for 10 minutes, and put a tea aside to cool-down.

Use this tea several times a day to the damaged place.

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