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Restore Menopause! Restore the fertility!

Restore Menopause! Restore the fertility!

The scientists took enriched blood plasma and injected in the ovaries of women to restore menopause.

The process to restore menopause has already begun.

They discover that after this process to restore menopause the menstrual cycle can again restore.

Scientists announce the discovery of a way to reverse the process of menopause.

The discovery was immediately declared as one of the largest in recent years.

As you know menopause at women is not an illness.

That is a natural and also normal process.

Menopause is an unpleasant and inevitable process.

The decreasing level of estrogen is the cause of menopause.

That`s way the women need to pay attention of the hormone estrogen.

The real balm to prevent and maybe restore menopause is if we use herbs which contain phytoestrogens.

In addition, women can consume foods that have this compound.

Restore menopause naturally

There are natural and useful remedies if you have symptoms of menopause:

– Evening primrose oil

Red clover

– Mistletoe

– Ginseng

– Calcium

Vitamin D

– Pay attention what food you consume

Initial tests show that they managed to “rejuvenate” the woman’s ovaries.

Scientists are using treatment with blood which can normally use for faster healing of wounds.

For many women who had an early menopause, the menstrual cycle was again reinstating.

One study was presented by scientists in Athens.

It`s presented at the annual meeting of the Association of European doctors Human Reproduction and Embryology, held in Finland, writes “The New Scientist”.

The scientists took enriched blood plasma that stimulates the growth of tissues.

In addition, it promotes healing of damaged bones and muscles.

First of all, they inject plasma into the ovaries of women with menopause process.

The process has already started but they restore menopause.

When scientists restore menopause, in addition, they were able to collect and fertilize the eggs from the ovary.

That ovarian egg, doctors will be possible to implant in the uterus.

This last process is still not confirmed in practice.


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