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What Is The Restriction And Duration Of Chrono Diet Treatment?

What Is The Restriction And Duration Of Chrono Diet Treatment?

The restriction and duration period suggested by the Chrono diet treatment should last for at least thirty days.

In addition to that, it means completely avoiding sweets or sugars in your healthy eating menu.

Chrono diet treatment

Chrono diet is suggesting avoid sweets such as:

– Biscuits

– Cakes

– Fruits



Breakfast is also obligatory in this period as this is the only meal in which you eat bread.

However, if you do not want it, you can eat something else.

Do not mix eggs and dairy products.

Also, do not mix different dairy products.

At the same time, you can mix meat with eggs, as well as with some other dairy products.

The permitted meat products are:

– Chicken breast

– Smoked Pork

– Stewed ham

In addition, you can use the dairy products three times a week.

Also, exclude milk from the Chrono diet.

You can also drink two black coffees a day after breakfast and lunch.

The distance between breakfast and lunch should be 5-6 hours.

For lunch, you can combine meat with unripe vegetables.

Do not eat bean, rice, peas, or green beans, because Chrono diet does not allow eating that food.

You can combine the dinner chicken white meat and turkey, fish with salads and green vegetables.

Also, do not forget to go to bed at least 2 hours after the dinner.

In the restriction period of this diet, nutritionists recommend taking a quick walk for about 30 to 40 minutes before the breakfast, a couple of times a week.

There are no snacks between meals.

If you really want to practice a Chrono diet treatment, there are no obstacles.

Although the first “nutrition restriction” sounds somewhat worrisome, do not worry.

This is a verified path that leads to quick removal of excess kilograms.

Chrono diet experience

This healthy diet is recommended for all healthy people who want to have a slimline and also flat stomach.

There is no contraindication or unwanted side effects.

With a very small body mass this conceptualized and precise menu must ultimately be individually designed for each and every one.

Only in this way you can achieve the desired results.

By applying this diet, you will:

– Permanently lose excess pounds

– Remove the problem of LDL cholesterol and also triglyceride

– Lower high pressure

– Protect from unpredictable diabetes

Is our immune system disturbed by this way of nutrition?

You get everything you need.

Moreover, with the right combination of food at the right time, you use the substances from the food.

In that way, you also create much less metabolic waste – toxic substances that are created in the body.

Are there any negative effects of this type of diet?

No, if you do abide by the combination of food and eat at exactly the prescribed time, there will be no negative effects.

The Chrono diet treatment follows what is happening in our body.

Is Chrono diet good for a pregnant woman?

You can also run this healthy diet without any problems in pregnancy.

It has been shown that pregnant women can practice Chrono diet treatment even though they eat fruits.

Some ingredients are not agreeable to women during pregnancy.

Chrono diet is therefore excellent for pregnant women, because that diet will not gain weight, and, at the same time, you will eat well.

In addition, if you like some recipes you can visit our article “Chrono Diet Recipes”

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