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Ripe Banana Is Healthier Than Other Bananas

Ripe Banana Is Healthier Than Other Bananas

Ripe Banana

Do you know why is very important to eat a ripe banana?

Usually, people eat an unripe banana and are saying that they didn`t enjoy or get sick in some way.

So let make clear some things about a ripe banana.

Ripe banana is healthier for eating

Ripe banana is nutritious, delicious and is a perfect addition to our healthy diet.

What is the easiest way to spot ripe banana?

It`s very simple secret.

Ripe banana have spots!

A green banana is not ready for eating and is not ripe.

A yellow banana is also not ready for eating and is without spots or has just a few spots and is not ripe.

A yellow banana that is covered with a lot of spots is a perfectly ripe banana, delicious and sweet.

You can eat these ripe bananas as much as you desire!

Green banana, greenish yellow banana or a yellow banana without spots are unripe bananas and have high starch content.

Those bananas are hard for our body to digest.

Those bananas can cause bloating, gas, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and indigestion.

So the best is to eat yellow bananas with spots.

I love to ripe banana as a mono-meal.

Therefore, a very spotted banana is a very ripe banana.

These bananas are perfect for making banana smoothies.

These bananas are super sweet and are making the most delicious and creamiest smoothies.

Benefits of ripe banana:

Firstly, eating bananas can accelerate fat burning in our body and help to lose weight.

The starches in a banana are converting to sugars when it`s ripened.

That is why ripe banana digests effortlessly.

They taste better and are sweeter.

Banana is favorite and great fruit for children.

You get also better antioxidant levels from these bananas.

Fully ripe bananas are producing a compound called Tumor Necrosis Factor.

That is way ripe bananas have better anti-cancer properties and they help to fight against cancer and abnormal cells in our body.

In addition ripe banana is full of health improving minerals and vitamins.

Banana is very rich with minerals manganese, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium.

It`s also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin M.

NOTE: Try to find always natural and organic bananas.

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