ROSE HIP TEA is a healthy drink for you

Rose Hip Tea

Rose Hip Tea
The most common is the use of rose hip tea and herbalists recommended in cases of inflammation of the kidneys, lime and sand in urinary canals, rheumatism, gout.

It is useful with fever as an invigorating drink.

Helps maintain healthy digestion, stimulates circulation, purifies the blood, stimulates the immune system, helps for diabetes, calms inflammation, relaxes the body, relieves headaches, dizziness, insomnia and acts as a mild antidepressant.

Rose hip tea has also fighting properties against cancer.

Scientist found ellagic acid and polyphenols quercetin which are preventing the proliferation of tumor cells in tubes that were tested.

It`s also reduced accumulation of fat in our cells and fat storage and can be used for weight loss.

They also made a conclusion that if you drink rose hip tea you will lower risk of heart diseases.

Rose hip is very often an ingredient of tea blends that are used in lack of vitamins in the winter, retention of urine, diarrhea, children’s and epilepsy.

Rose hip tea is for everyone

Rose hip tea preparation

So, rose hip tea is a very healthy drink with a lot of therapeutic effects.

The preparation is simple:

Bring to boil 0.2 liters of water, so it overflows one teaspoon of dried fruit bar or a bag of tea.

Allow to stand for 5 minutes, strain and drink 2-3 cups a day.

For maximum effects, you should drink one cup of rose hip tea before bedtime.

From a rose hip, is otherwise genuine and various other products and especially desserts, such as jam, marmalade, compote, syrup, which does not belong to particular medicines, but they are very tasty.

They, however, can at least remove spring tiredness and fatigue due to lack of vitamin C.

So here are on a separate page and an interesting recipe that describes how to make a rose hip jam, perhaps someone needs it.

In the composition of these jam is also an apple, which makes it richer in minerals and vitamins.

Rose hip tea recipe – (NOT for VEGAN)

Rose hip tea from which the seeds are not taken out or tea only from seeds (75 g 1/2 l water) is excellent for pain relief and helps with sand and stones in the bile.

Well washed and then dried fruits and seeds are pulverized and placed in cold water for a few hours, then cook in the same water for about 45 minutes.

Add a little honey, cinnamon, milk and a few bitter almonds when once more is boiled – you will get aromatic, very tasty tea, which is recommended for older people as it provides extra power.

From the seeds washed from small whiskers and then dried you can prepare tea is a cure for fevers, intestinal catarrh, urinary disease, whooping cough.

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