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Rosemary! Alzheimer`s Disease And Circulation!

Rosemary! Alzheimer`s Disease And Circulation!

Rosemary is another great gift of nature.

The Latin name for this medicinal plant is Rosmarinus officinalis and its most important ingredient is the essential oil.

Essential oil includes camphor, borneol, camphene, bornyl acetate, limonene, 1,8-cineole and pinene.

The healing part of the plant is leaves.

Rosemary is in a lot of regions quite widespread plant, does not require a specific temporary care.

In addition, it is easily accessible and also worth knowing its medicinal properties.

If we go back in history, we learn that the ancient Greeks this plant dedicated to the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite.

Hungarian Queen Isabella had used this herb as a natural means of rejuvenation.

Our folk medicine commonly used this herb as a means to better blood circulation and raise low blood pressure.

Perhaps less well known but no less important fact that this plant leaflets anemia in children improves appetite, has a beneficial effect on the stomach.

In addition, strengthens the exhausted body, improves mood, calms nervousness, tension, anxiety (fear).

Due to the aforementioned positive impact on circulation, this plant also relieves menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea).

It can also help with the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea).

Italian scientists have interesting results that

This plant has great improvement of memory and for people with Alzheimer`s disease.

This herb also improves a cardiovascular system, acts effectively in the healing of wounds and burns the flow of lymph.

If you drink Rosemary tea in the evening it will reduce the need for sleep.

This tea relieves a headache, especially one that is created by an excessive mental load.

Tea or wine from this plant dilates blood vessels and thereby stimulate circulation in men.

Rosemary a great gift of nature

Wine of Rosemary

If you’re not in the mood, in the morning and also you wake up more tired than you went to sleep or during the day you are sluggish and sleepy than you have low blood pressure.

You’ll benefit from the wine of this plant.


A handful of leaves of Rosemary, stir in 1 liter of good wine (the best local red wine).

Mixture kept in a glass bottle for seven days and every day 2-3 times shakes well.

The eighth day, strain and drink every day one small glass, in the morning before breakfast and before lunch in the afternoon.

As with any other natural therapies and in this case it took some time to have displayed all the positive effects (about 30 days).

In milder forms of the disease and with more sensitive person effect is achieved earlier.

Rosemary bath

Rosemary bath is useful in the morning because it awakens and refreshes the body, after which it will be able to more easily submit daily activities.

It should not be used in the evening because it may scatter dream.

For this bath will serve well extract of Rosemary.

The extract can be found in the form of the Rosemary bath salts.

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