Home Health Rosemary Protect From The Harmful Radiation Of Mobile Devices!
Rosemary Protect From The Harmful Radiation Of Mobile Devices!

Rosemary Protect From The Harmful Radiation Of Mobile Devices!

This amazing herb – Rosemary we need to have always in our precious family home!

Do you know the health benefits of rosemary?

– It is improving your memory

– This herb can eliminate your home from harmful toxins

– You can make home spray disinfectant

– It helps to get rid of unpleasant acne and pimples

– Reduce the risk of cancer – extract of this herb reduces the carcinogenic compound (heterocyclic amine) in the meat.

– It helps people that suffer from flatulence

Have you ever thought that this herb can do all these numerous things for your health?

At the same time, this herb can save you from dangerous radiation of your famous mobile devices.

With the using of all mobile accessories, we are exposing our bodies to unhealthy radiation.

Excessive exposure to dangerous radiation through the time is worsening our health.

However, of all these dangers and problems we can easily protect with one herb – rosemary!

Specifically, this herb contains carnosol.

At the same time, the carnosic acid from this herb works as a protection and is also collecting waste, free radicals in the body.

This herb is an antioxidant that has proven to be very effective in preventing and treating people who have been exposed to dangerous radiation.

Moreover, with the using of rosemary water, you will make impossible the creation of poisons in your body.

Recipe for rosemary water

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 2 teaspoons of finely chopped rosemary leaves

– A cup of water

Preparation of the recipe:

In a cup put 2 teaspoons of finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves and pour them with boiling water.

Before consumption, it is necessary to cool down a mixture for about 5-10 minutes.

BONUS TIP: you can use the benefits of this herb with mixing rosemary oil with some of the other essential oils.

Such mixture you can use for a daily lubrication of the legs.

In addition, this water is also recommended for inhalation.

Hope that you have already this popular herb inside your home.


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