Russian Herbalist Reveals The Recipes We Have Long Waited For! A Natural Way Against Hair Loss, And Unwanted Hair! (RECIPE)

Hair Loss

Many men would like to prevent baldness – hair loss, while women are looking for ways to remove unwanted hair on their face and body.

Russian herbalist Jurovski has a solution to both problems, in addition to natural remedies.

Natural remedies against hair loss and unwanted hair

Edible burdock and willow

In Russian folk medicine, edible burdock herbalists always put as the “number one” against the baldness – hair loss.

The boiled leaves of this plant they recommend to wash hair.

In addition, you can make essential oil from the root, for the skin of the head.

Today, edible burdock oil you can find in all pharmacies, but it is best to make it yourself.

The domestic oil is also much more efficient.

During the spring dig up the fresh roots of the edible burdock.

Wash them well and also cut them into small pieces.

Transfer the raw material with unrefined olive oil in a ratio 1: 2 and allow it to stand in the sun for two weeks.

Rub the edible burdock oil in the head skin three to four times a day.

In the same way, you can make oil from willow bark, which also prevents hair loss.

In this case, to get oil you need to keep the mixture to get oil for one month before use.

Nettle and coltsfoot

Before applying edible burdock oil, make sure you wash your hair and sprinkle with the jug of nettle and also coltsfoot.

This combination will greatly increase the effect of treatment.

Make a mix of nettle leaves and coltsfoot in a ratio of 1: 1.

Pour over herbs one liter of boiling water.

Leave it to stand for two hours.

Then sprinkle with this tea your clean hair.

A similar effect will also be the tea from young leaves of Plantago, meadowsweet, thyme, or pinecones of Humulus.


The remedies for exterior use will be more effective if during the treatment you also consume the oats as a supplement.

2 cups of oats with shells pour with six glasses of boiled milk.

Cook it on low heat for two minutes, and it for 30 minutes.

Drink this beverage three times a day.


If you do not aim to prevent hair loss but to slow down unwanted hair growth, you can make thornapple oil.

Pour seed or thornapple leaves with unrefined olive oil in a ratio 1: 2.

In addition, you need to leave this mixture to stand in the sun for two weeks.

Rub oil on your legs or face with an enhanced facial tissue immediately after depilation.

It is very important that before the procedure you make depilation of the hair (do not shave hair).

This oil will work directly on the follicle.

Also, you need to use this oil daily for two to three months.

Note: This oil is just for outdoor use only because this is a poisonous plant and you don`t make teas and tinctures.

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