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Salad That Removes Toxins From Intestines! (RECIPE)

Salad That Removes Toxins From Intestines! (RECIPE)

The “Broom” salad or some people call “Brush” salad enjoys great popularity for several years in a row because eliminates toxins from your intestines.

Maybe the salad does not look relaxing and exotic.

However, this salad is precious to those who want to cleanse their body from toxins and lose weight.

What is the secret of this salad that cleanses toxins?

Basic ingredients of this salad are vegetables that enrich the body with vitamins and minerals.

In addition, they are rich with fiber and pectin.

Thanks to this, this healthy dish contributes to effective cleansing and eliminating toxins from the intestines.

Thus, due to the ejection of fecal deposits, you will also reduce the weight.

But this is not all health benefits of this famous salad.

Some of the ingredients of this salad are low calorie.

When you replace your meal with this salad – say dinner, we can get rid of fat deposits in the body.

In this way, the result of consuming delicious and useful salad is the clean organism and the corrected body weight.

There are several recipes for preparing this salad.

We reveal to you with a classic recipe.

Recipe for the salad that removes toxins

The ingredients that you need for the recipe:


– Beetroot


– Lettuce

– Lemon juice

Olive oil

Preparation of the recipe:

Grind cabbage, beetroot, carrot, and lettuce in ratio 3: 1: 1: 1.

Add herbs and spices to your taste (sweetheart, parsley, celery).

Press the vegetables to release the juice.

Add a little lemon juice.

If you like to achieve piquant taste, you can add and pressed garlic.

You can add also and a small amount of vegetable oil (especially flax oil or olive oil).

You do not need to put salt in your salad.

If you cannot give up the sour taste, use soy sauce, which contains a large amount of salt and improves the taste of food.

It also has a high nutritional value and is not harmful to health.

Keep in mind: if you have a low acidity of the stomach it is better to use sauerkraut.

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