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Salted Watermelon! Refreshing Way In The Hot Summer!

Salted Watermelon! Refreshing Way In The Hot Summer!

Sounds crazy, but those who tried once salted watermelon, they did not stop using this refreshing sweet way.

If you have not heard of this trick so far, we also believe that you will soon be grateful.

Salted watermelon to refresh your self

In addition, the very thought of salted watermelon leaves many people in shock.

However, one man from Los Angeles revealed on his blog page why salted watermelon is a great combination.

He admits that in the beginning, it is a strange experience.

When he first had a slice of watermelon in his hands he also tried this trick.

At the same time, he also gave his friend to try salted watermelon.

His friend tells him that this is so cool.

Watermelon with little sea salt is really better.

Of course, you can also use Himalayan salt for this refreshing way in the hot summer.

Namely, it makes watermelon sweeter because it creates a salted and sweet contrast.

In that way this trick allows the sweetness to get even more pronounced.

Watermelon usually has a subtle sweetness because it is full of water.

For example, salted watermelon tastes better than strawberries and other fruits.

They have a more concentrated, intense taste.

Salt it stimulates the production of saliva making watermelon sootier.

You need a little salt to put over a whole piece of watermelon.

If you put too much salt, you’ll “kill her” sweetness and you will also have to take a new piece.


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