Scientist Finally Discover Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer

Red Meat

Red Meat

All of you probably have heard that red meat can be cause for cancer.

Yes, that is true and there is a reason that finally has been revealed.

The University of California in San Diego has been discovered that behind all of this is the sugar.

This study was published on 29th of December.

Carnivores are eating red meat naturally and they don`t have ill side effects, but people with consuming a red meat have a high risk of getting cancer.

Red meat eating is cause of cancer

The name of this unique sugar is Neu5Gc and this sugar was found in a lot of mammals, but you cannot found in the human body.

This sugar is triggering an immune response that is causing inflammation.

This study was conducted on mice and all evidence are linking to Neu5Gc to cancer was indirectly or circumstantial predicted from the experimental setups.

It was the first time that scientists mimicked the exact and same situation in the human body through feeding a non-human sugar Neu5Gc and provoking anti-Neu5Gc antibodies.

This has been increased spontaneous cancer in mice.

This sugar Neu5Gc can be found in red meat, certain cheese and cow`s milk.

Our organism is not able to make this sugar Neu5Gc naturally.

Thus when this sugar is absorbed in our body, its look like a foreign invader and that is activating our immune system and resulting into inflammation.

If this sugar makes problem to our immune system then is coming to chronic inflammation that is leading to cancer.

From all of these above the conclusion is that people who are consuming red meat every day on a regular basis will suffer a stronger reaction and can get cancer than a people who are consuming red meat from time to time – occasionally.

When you will start to reduce eating of red meat your health will start to be boosted.


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