Scientists Are Now Confident! Inflammation Causes 99% Of Diseases, And The Ways Of Protection Is So Easy!


Inflammation is the cause of almost all illnesses.

Fortunately, there are some natural ways that you can avoid it!

Inflammation is a reaction that body responses to recovery after injury.

In the other words, the body protects itself from intruders such as bacteria and viruses and restores damaged tissue.

Without it, wounds and injuries can be inflicted, which can even lead to a fatal outcome.

It is mostly characterized by redness, heat, swellings, pain, and also the loss of function.

Acute and chronic inflammations are 2 types of inflammation.

What do you need to know about inflammation?

Acute is when the condition lasts for several days.

Chronic inflammation is a long-term of this condition and lasts for several months or years.

This means that cells in the body are constantly attacked.

Chronic type of this condition occurs as a reaction to unwanted substances in the body.

That can be cigarette toxins and also excessive amounts of fat cells, as well as food poisons.

A person with a chronic condition is aging faster and can also easier to get sick.

This type of chronic inflammation is also deadly.

In some diseases, immunity is fighting in wrong way against healthy cells, which can also lead to harmful inflammatory reactions.

In addition, the body fights with itself instead to fight just against the actual illness or injury.

A chronic condition is a problem that is directly linked to the most deadly diseases in the world:

– Heart diseases


Neurodegenerative diseases

– Also, bowel diseases

A chronic condition is also linked to worsening of your bones, mental illnesses, and lung diseases.

Those diseases are asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung infections.

Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and other ancient medical traditions, never prescribe medicine until they do not fully understand the cause of disease.

That is opposite to modern medicine.

First, they treat that condition with a healthy diet.

How to avoid chronic inflammation in a natural way?

One of the ways is to include natural powerful anti-inflammatory herbs such as:



– Manuka honey

Green tea

– White willow bark

– Olive leaf extract


– Chili peppers

Black pepper

– Frankincense

– The bark of the maritime pine




Those herbs treat chronic inflammation in the body very quickly.

Another natural way to compete with a chronic condition is to apply an anti-inflammatory diet.

This diet eliminates refined sugar and processed oils such as corn and rapeseed as they exacerbate chronic inflammation.

You can also reduce inflammation with:

– Fresh organic fruits and vegetables

– Seeds

– Legumes

– Whole grain cereals

– Healthy oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids

In addition, here is advice to reduce your stress.

Stress causes an imbalance of the digestive tract where bad bacteria prevails good bacteria.

This imbalance results in inflammation.

It also increases the level of cortisol that exacerbates immunity and results in a chronic condition of all tissue.

For this reason, reducing stress can stop chronic condition very quickly.

You can also reduce stress levels by:

– Sufficient amount of quality sleep

– Healthy nutrition

– Herbal supplements



– Exercising

– Controlled breathing

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