Scientists Have Proved! This Food Causes And Nourishes Cancer!


Cancer is the leading disease of today, and the reason why people didn`t die from cancer before is a modern diet.

Some people will say that it is unhealthy fat, another salty, the third sweet – and everyone can be right.

However, experts say the most important thing is to have balanced nutrition and body mass within the normal range.

All of that is a precondition for good health and also a healthy body.

Nevertheless, the latest research at the University of California found that one of the foods is the biggest suspect to cause cancer.

This dangerous disease causes more than 35 million deaths worldwide.

That is why ontological patients are advised to reduce and also completely abolish sugar in the diet.

The link between sugar and cancer

Namely, cancer cells use significantly more glucose for their growth and replication than other cells.

Also, various studies have shown that people with higher levels of glucose are more likely to suffer from different types of this disease.

Thus, lab tests show that cancer cells can only survive on simple carbon hydrates.

That is including refined sugars in processed foods and also sweets.

Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells can convert their energy from glycolysis without oxygen to the anaerobic glycoside process.

On that way, are forming waste materials that are similar to lactic acid.

That waste material then goes from cancer`s cells to the liver where it is metabolized.

The waste part of the process is glucose.

Then glucose returns to nourish the dangerous cells and a vicious circle emerges.


Sweet, inexpensive, and also natural, it advertises fructose as a healthy sweetener in food.

But it is true that sugar, naturally found in fruit, has a connection with modern epidemics such as:


Heart disease

High pressure

Kidney damage


That reveals a set of scientific studies published in the American Diet Association.

Recent data on fructose reveal that it is associated with colon cancer.

In addition, it`s particularly dangerous large amounts of fructose-sweetened fruit juices.

The biggest problem, scientists explain, is that all healthy ingredients such as fiber, vitamin C, and also antioxidants are lost in the processing of fruit sugar.

Fruit juice also stimulates obesity, the especially fat gain in the area of the waist.

In addition, that increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Today, fructose is not only in fruit juices but also in a large number of foods.

You can find it from biscuits to ice cream and also frozen foods.

Most customers do not know what to eat and drink because fructose is on the labels under various names – experts warn.

“The overwhelming amount of fructose in the body behaves like a poison and causes a number of health complications,” says Professor Richard Johnson from the University of Colorado.

Scientists suggest a limited use of fructose into food if companies cannot completely avoid it.


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