How The Sea Heal Us! 3 Miraculous Effects Of The Sea!


The summer season is just beginning and with it the preparations for going to the sea.

Therefore, here are some tips to make full use of the sea blessings.

Did you know that swimming in seawater has the effect of bathing in a miraculous cocktail of mineral salts?

That will help your body to successfully catch up with the winter season and diseases.

3 miraculous effects of the sea

To strengthen the body

Seawater purifies the skin and pathways, strengthens the defense mechanisms, massages the muscles and restores them firmly.

At the same time, it acts as a natural aerosol for the nose and throat.

During your stay at the seaside, experts are advising to take a minimum of 20 minutes to walk each day.

The best is a walking along the seashore, possibly in the early hours of the morning or before sunset.

In the air, you breathe there are tiny seawater particles, which are the excellent natural inhaler.

In addition, these seawater particles purify the roadways.

Do not run under the shower

Maybe you are lucky enough to spend your vacation in a smaller and remote place on the seaside.

At those places, the seawater and air are not polluted.

As you get out of the water, do not run immediately under the shower with fresh water.

Wait and dry your skin in the sun.

The mineral salts from the seawater disinfect, clean and strengthen your skin, and pimples and acne in a few days disappear.

Exercises in the sea

It is interesting that one exercise in the sea has the same effect as 12 exercises in your training room.

The seawater acts as training equipment because it creates resistance and maximally engages the muscles.

Movement through the seawater will burn seven calories in one minute.

That will stimulate circulation and strengthen the walls of the vein.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, swim or walk every day in the seawater.

The level of the water needs to be on the same level as your chest.

Do that for at least 40 minutes (20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening).

Always use the health benefits of the amazing seawater.

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