Seawater Is Better Than A Drugs, It Solves These 11 Problems!


Seawater and air are really good for both our souls and also our bodies.

The Greeks were the first to witness the mystery of the sea.

The popular thalassotherapy – seawater treatment – is coming from Greece.

On the Greek islands, Rhodes and Corfu people use thalassotherapy 2,500 years ago.

People use it to treat diseases such as:

– Eczema

– Arthritis

– Asthma


– Also, back pain

Hippocrates discovered the medical properties of seawater by observing its action on the wounds.

He watched the water speed up wound healing, preventing infection and also reducing pain.

In France, in the middle of the 19th century, centers for the treatment of health problems were opened with the help of substances obtained from the sea and seawater.

What are the benefits of the sea and seawater

Seawater contains vital elements

Sea contains all the elements important to our life:

– Sodium


– Calcium

– Potassium

– Silicon

– Silver

– Also, gold

Water from the sea deeply penetrates into the skin and, therefore enables the function of minerals and trace elements.

Sea also contains algae that abound with mineral substances.

Alga has long been considered a source of health and also beauty.

Stimulate cell renewal, improve skin appearance, stimulate metabolism, strengthen immunity, prevent inflammation, clean skin, and also help remove cellulite.

It is treating asthma and allergy

The sea has antiseptic and antihistaminic properties.

That is why it is beneficial for skin allergic reactions.

The World Pediatric Hospital for many years has successfully used baths with sea salt to treat and also alleviate allergies.

Clean sea air, saturated with negative ions, facilitates breathing and is beneficial to people with asthma.

With sunbathing we supply the body with vitamin D

Sunbathing brings not only relaxation but gives us the vitamin D that is so much needed in our body.

Recent research confirms that it plays a key role in preventing many illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and also cancer.

To get vitamin D you do not have to be sunburned at maximum heat.

For sunbathing, choose between daylight hours or evening hours.

Please note that sunscreens also prevent the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D.

Staying at sea relieve you from stress

What else has such a relaxing activity as the sun, light wind, and also the sound of waves?

Sailing on the sea gives us the opportunity to forget about everyday problems and completely relax.

Magnesium, which is high in the water, is proven to fight stress.

Alternative doctors believe that stress can act as a trigger in the development of many diseases.

Therefore, use your vacation to get rid of your biggest enemies – stress and depression.

The sea is ideal for sports activities

Swimming, diving, surfing, sea aerobics, beach volleyball, etc.

The seafront is ideal for sports activities that are good not just for body shaping.

Sports and also health are in close relation.

Actually, without sport has no health.

Therefore, dive into the water and enjoy the sports activities that the sea offers!

Sea air is rich in negative ions

Sea air contains negative ions and ozone that stimulate deep breathing and also fill us with life-power.

Negative Ions:

– Boost immunity

– Improve concentration

– Reduce insomnia

– Reduce depression

– Relieves headaches and fatigue

– Favorably affect people with asthma and also allergies.

In addition, the negative ion saturation you can find in forests and mountains, close to waterfalls, rivers, oceans and the sea.

The sea eases arthritis and back pain

Thanks to its composition, water from the sea:

– Facilitates pain

– Reduces inflammation

– Relaxes and also stimulates the release of excess fluid from the body

That’s why bathing in the sea brings relief to people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, and also muscle pain.

Seawater stimulates the body’s cleansing

Water from the sea is an excellent choice for cleansing the body.

In addition, bathing in the sea stimulates organ functions that filter and excrete harmful substances from the body, such as liver, kidneys, and skin.

The deposited harmful substances begin to move over the lymph and bloodstream to the surface.

At the same time, sea salt is making it easier the process of extracting harmful substances.

Swimming in the sea stimulates the change of matter and cleansing of the harmful ingredients not only of skin and connective tissue but of the complete organism.

The sea treats skin problems

The sea is unusually rich in various ingredients.

There are eighty different minerals that water from the sea has.

Some of those elements are carbonates, sulfates, calcium, potassium, bromine, sodium, manganese, magnesium, trace elements, iodine, iron, fluorine acid, and also silicic acid.

Due to its rich composition, seawater is beneficial to the skin.

In addition, it helps with many skin disorders such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

The sea stimulates creativity and feelings

The sea and the common element of water have always been associated with creativity and feelings.

Staying close to water can stimulate our emotions, intuition, imagination, and also creativity.

It feels soothing for eye health

The blue color of the sea and also the distant viewing are convenient to our eyes.

If you spend a lot of time on a computer, a holiday on the sea will help you to rest your eyes.

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