Home Health This Is The Secret Of Hunza People Who Live To 120 Years Old! They Look Twice Younger, No One Ever Had Cancer!
This Is The Secret Of Hunza People Who Live To 120 Years Old! They Look Twice Younger, No One Ever Had Cancer!

This Is The Secret Of Hunza People Who Live To 120 Years Old! They Look Twice Younger, No One Ever Had Cancer!

Hunza people are an ancient people, located on the border of Pakistan and India.

Hunza people are famous for having their lifespan from 110 to 120 years.

In addition, their place of residence many people call “An Oasis Of Youth”.

The secrets of Hunza people

These people are practically never sick, and thankful to the genes they look youthful.

They are a true example that ideal life really exists.

They also take bath in icy water when a temperature is sometimes 15 degrees below zero.

At the same time, they can have children even at age of 65 years.

During summer eat raw fruits and vegetables, and in winter they eat dried apricots, sprouted grains, and cheese.

There is also a period when these people don`t eat anything.

This period they call “hungry spring”.

The name comes from the fact that the fruit at that period is still too immature.

During that period they drink only juice from dry apricots.

The period lasts 2-4 months, and in their history is strictly respected as a highly elevated cult.

Proteins are entered in the smallest quantities.

A daily consumption is an average of 1,933 calories, of which 50 grams protein, 36 grams fat and 365 grams carbohydrate.

From the experience of many foreigners newcomer, a healthy diet is the main factor of a durable life.

Experiment as evidence

Scottish physician Mac Harrison after returning to England performed an experiment on a large number of animals.

One group had a normal daily diet of London’s usual families, which included cooked vegetables, white bread, refined sugar, herring, and canned food.

As a result of that diet, the animals appeared different human diseases.

Another group of experimented animals consumed a food from Hunza people and remained perfectly healthy.

The Chinese magazine in the year 1984 wrote one amusing event.

One man with a name Said Adbul Mobuda made confusion among the workers at customs service to London’s Heathrow Airport when he showed his passport.

He was born in 1832 and had 160 years.

This man considered himself as the ward in the country Hunza.

In addition, he can also remember a lot of events back to the year 1850.

Vegetarian diet of Hunza

These people consume a lot of raw materials.

Their diet is mainly by fruits and vegetables and also natural products without adding chemicals.

They store foods to keep all the biological worthy materials.

In addition, alcohol and sweets are on the list of rare ingredients and observe regular fasting period.

At the International Congress of carcinogenic diseases in Paris, the region of these people is known as not carcinogenic area.

For these people walking 20 kilometers a day is the same as for us to walk around the house.

Their constant smiling faces and good mood also contribute to better mental and physical health.

Source: www.biblelife.org




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