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The Secret Of The Perfect Mulled Wine! (RECIPE)

The Secret Of The Perfect Mulled Wine! (RECIPE)

It is a special pleasure to have a walk through this cold weather, then stop and also drink a cup of fine mulled wine – glögi.

Moreover, if you prepare on the perfect way this beverage, then we can say that it is fill up and warm up a soul and a body.

It is good to remind you about health benefits of wine:

– You will live longer

– It will improve the cognitive function

– It reduces the cancer risk

– Lover cholesterol

– Reduce the possibility of getting diabetes

– Also, reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases

– It strengthens and helps s to your bone density

Wine contains important antioxidants

– At the same time, will boost your immune system

Of course, there are a lot of variations on the subject of mulled wine, but the basic recipe would look like this:

Mulled wine is good for your health

Mulled wine recipe

Ingredients that you need to prepare the recipe:

– 1 pack of cinnamon

– 1 liter of red wine

– 7 pieces of clove

– 150 to 200 ml of fresh or spring water

– 5 to 7 tablespoons of sugar

– Grinded orange bark

Preparation of the mulled wine recipe:

Melt the sugar in the water, then add cinnamon and also clove.

Put on the heat and also cook and until approximately half the water is evaporated.

Pour the wine and heat it to the boiling point.

Mulled wine, serve in warm cups or in a metallic handle glasses.

Secret ingredient:

In addition, if you want the wine to have a special aroma, put some black pepper beans in it and also cook it with other ingredients?

Black pepper will also serve you even if you do not have clove at hand.

Also, while serving, add a slice of orange bark – it will add a more special taste to the wine.

Enjoy in cold weather and warm up with this healthy beverage.

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