Home Health Sepsis Kills More Than Breast, Prostate, And Colon Cancer Together! The Disease Of Which No One Speaks!
Sepsis Kills More Than Breast, Prostate, And Colon Cancer Together! The Disease Of Which No One Speaks!

Sepsis Kills More Than Breast, Prostate, And Colon Cancer Together! The Disease Of Which No One Speaks!

What is sepsis?

Sepsis is triggering the infections, but actually, indicates a problem with our immune system.

It begins with an infection that can be caused by anything – from a bacterial infection to contaminated insect bites or cuts.

Normally, the immune system begins to fight the infection in order to prevent its spread.

But, the infection begins to spread rapidly and human immunity is going wild.

The reaction of the organism is so turbulent and extensive that it becomes extremely harmful.

This reaction is a systemic inflammatory response syndrome – SIRS.

SIRS is defined with fairly rigid criteria, but most of them are well known to all of us: high fever, elevated white blood cell count in blood, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.

In the case where there is SIRS with clear signs of a bacterial infection or, more precisely, if the bacteria is isolated from the blood, then it is the case of a sepsis.

So, a serious and strong bacterial inflammation can cause this dangerous disease.

Fungal and parasitic microorganisms can extremely rare be the cause of sepsis.

The most common causes of sepsis are:

– Severe pneumonia

Urinary tract infections

– Or virtually any bacterial infection can go into development of this dangerous disease

Sepsis is more common in elderly people and small children, and in patients with impaired immune system (chronic patients).

In addition, this disease can develop at people that are taking corticosteroids which suppress the immune system.

This disease may occur also as a result of surgical procedures, in which the infection has occurred.


– 1. Temperature above 38.5 C or below 35 C

– 2. Exhaustion

– 3. More than 90 heart beats per minute

– 4. More than 20 breaths per minute

– 5. Confirmed infection

– 6. Decreased urination

– 7. Mental status changes

– 8. Difficulty breathing

– 9. Irregular heartbeat

– 10. Reduced platelet count

– 11. Stomach pains


Without treatment, and sometimes even in spite of treatment, this life-threatening disease may deteriorate.

Then it comes to organ failure, usually the kidney and liver.

The worst escalation is a septic shock, where blood pressure falls below the level that is necessary for the body to function normally.

This condition is fatal in more than 50 percent of patients.

True story

Patrick had only nine months when one morning the mother noticed that the baby does not respond to the irritation and looks catatonic.

Family doctors said that he only needs medication to lower the temperature.

However, a worried mother went with the child to the emergency room.

On the way there, things drastically worsened, and on arrival at the hospital, a little Patrik had a multi-organ failure.

“I spent more than three months in a hospital in London, I lost my right leg to below the knee, left arm and fingers on the right,” says Patrick.

“Doctors revived me seven times, a long time it was uncertain whether I will survive”, reveals Patrick Kane to BBC.

He almost died from a condition that in most European countries kill more people than breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer together, but about him, almost no one speaks.

Today 19-year-old studying biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh, and what had been the sepsis.

“Or know someone who had sepsis, or has never heard of her,” said Patrik to BBC.


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