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SEVEN MAJOR CHAKRAS – The most important chakras

SEVEN MAJOR CHAKRAS – The most important chakras

Seven Major Chakras

It`s good to know about chakras. Among all chakras, there are Seven Major Chakras that are in our body.
Seven Major Chakras 1 MuladharaMuladhara Chakra is first of seven major chakras – Muladhara or root chakra in men is in the middle between the testicles and anus, slightly above the perineum.

In women, Muladhara chakra is located on the inside of the cervix. Mul in Sanskrit means root while Adhara means place. The element which is dominant in this chakra is the element of earth.

Muladhara Chakra regulates instincts and sexual organs, controls the reproductive organs and glands, affects the whole system of excretion and is associated with a sense of smell.

In the traditional symbolism of this chakra, we find a snake wrapped around the lingam. The snake represents the primary life energy Kundalini. It is the basis of all energy in man and the universe: sexual, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual awakening and it is very important.

Awakening of energy in this chakra, one begins to manifest his human nature. Muladhara chakra is actually the source of all our sexual urges and frustration until she wakes up, life is reduced to the instinctive level of existence. Some mystics believe that this chakra is the chakra supreme in the animal world, such as in a man’s supreme chakra Sahasrara.

So, we can say that the Muladhara Chakra actually starting chakra in the human spiritual evolution.

Seven Major Chakras 2 SvadhishthanaSvadhishthana Chakra is second of seven major chakras – Area Svadhisthana chakra corresponds to the urinary and reproductive system, and physiologically related to the prostate and sacral plexus.

The actual location of this chakra is located in the grounds spinal column, at the coccyx. It can feel like a small bone ball above the anus.

An element with which the Svadhisthana chakra is associated element of water, as this element usually associate our emotional body.

As is dependent on the taste sensation of smell and thus is dependent on Swadhisthana Muladhara. Swadhisthana presents subconsciousness, unconsciously, collective consciousness, the memory of our ancestors.

Swadhisthana chakra is actually the headquarters of our subconscious and our solitary. At about the seventh or eighth year of life, this chakra begins to vibrate, and there is a need to construct a relationship regardless of common sense or the will of the parents. Through these relationships, children begin to explore their power of choice and build your own personality.

When this chakra is activated by meditation or other spiritual techniques, there is an expansion of experiences from the unconscious part of the mind. On the surface is showing up all the hidden and unconscious desires, memories and impressions, both from this and from past lives.

Believe it or not, everyday events, activities and people you meet greatly influence your subconscious mind, and in a subtle way throughout life shape your character. This is one of the reasons that your dreams can sometimes be very turbulent because it’s subconscious and empty.

When you master the energy of the chakras, you begin to have healthy and natural relationships with the people around you.

Seven Major Chakras 3 ManipuraManipura Chakra is third of seven major chakras – In Sanskrit “Mani” means jewel, a “Puri” city, which is a literal translation can be translated as “city of gems”.

But this meaning has much deeper meaning. Manipura chakra covers the area of the solar plexus and all organs that are located in the abdomen or all the vital organs of the body. On the physical level is closely associated with the adrenal glands, which are of great environmental importance.

Encourage the launch of the defense forces of the body during stress and hypersensitivity. It has a strong tonic effect on the body, and the adrenaline, the hormone that is secreted, actually encourages you to stressful and risky, as well as in everyday situations react in a timely manner.

It is associated with the element of fire – giving action, strength and purification. So for people who have an intense activity, a strong personality and bold health, said that they have a strong Manipur.

This chakra is the center of power, will, dynamism and achievements. Manipura Chakra: carried out pranic energy throughout the body, activated and regenerate organs and systems.

If this chakra is not strong, a man lacking in energy, lifeless is sick, there is no motivation and determination. This chakra is compared to the sun and its power.

By bringing awareness to this chakra, the person gets an insight into higher states of consciousness. Perception ceases to be limited to the material, and life begins to seem like an endless nice and positive, with endless possibilities.

Seven major chakras – creators of health and energy wheels

Seven Major Chakras 4 AnahataAnahata Chakra is fourth of seven major chakras – Anahata or heart chakra is located in the area of cardiac plexus – in the spinal column, directly behind the center of the chest.

“Anahata” means a steady, which is associated with a constant heart rate. It is responsible for the functions of the respiratory and circulatory systems. It is connected with the center of the brain that controls creativity, and the person who has awakened very easily finds inspiration for a work of art.

Element dominated the air. At this level occurs selfless and universal love.

This chakra is very open to women, especially among mothers, and people tend spirituality become inspired and endlessly devoted to the idea that they are committed.

It is believed that in this chakra meet the pulse of the universe and human existence, and that is the one who meditates on the lotus of the heart is extremely wise and full of noble deeds. His words inspire, and his senses are under complete control.

The symbol of this chakra is an antelope, which actually signifies vigilance. Ancient writings tell of how in this chakra thoughts and desires begin to materialize.

Whatever you think about it, it becomes the truth and reality. This also may represent an obstacle if you have not cleared with personal problems, negative thoughts and habits.

As much as this chakra seem attractive, so can be problematic. When she wakes up, a person must know well what he wants and have a very positive mind. Therefore, it is always recommended that before the heart chakra first deal with the other chakras, especially those below.

This chakra is also largely responsible for the selection of life’s journey. Until Kundalini energy resides in the lower chakras, it is considered that the person is in some way influenced by their own destiny.

Only when the energy to get through to come into your heart chakra, people are aware that her life may take place outside the boundaries of which she chalked society, the media, education and so on. There is a saying that a person becomes a yogi only when he wakes up Anahata chakra, until then, the person is actually only practiced yoga.

Seven Major Chakras 5 VishuddhaVishuddha Chakra is fifth of seven major chakras – “Vi” in Sanskrit means something big or something that cannot be measured, while “Shuddi” means purification.

In many traditions, this center is called the center of purification.

This chakra is located in the throat area wells, specifically in the cervical plexus.

On the physical level is directly related to the thyroid, larynx, vocal cords, parathyroid and thyroid gland and prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. The thyroid gland, plays a very important role, both in this chakra, and everyday life.

In modern medicine, it is known that the gland is responsible for the overall control of metabolism, as well as for the process of normal growth and maturation. Dysfunction of this gland is causing numerous physical and mental problems.

Element dominated Vishudda chakra is ether. Ancient writings tell of how the Vishudda chakra, substances that enter into your system separates the harmful and helpful.

Vishudda chakra is actually the legendary Fountain of Youth. From Bindu, a small chakra at the nape, constantly dripping nectar called life.

As long as the Vishudda chakra is inactive, this nectar dripping in Manipur chakra where burns, and comes to aging and deterioration. Regular exercise kechari wise, this nectar is retained in it and comes to rejuvenating the body, and the constant feeling of bliss.

Vishudda chakra encourages physical and mental purification, a proper understanding of the duality of life.

A person with awakened Vishudda chakra stops to see the world through patterns of good and evil. Because of that every life experience turns into bliss.

People which this chakra is active usually radiate wisdom and understanding. However, this state of consciousness arises from inner experience, not intellect.

The person begins to feel, both their and others’ thought vibrations, but through the mind, not hearing.

At this level, the silence of the mind becomes more intense, and people more often are experiencing spontaneous silence, emptiness, and overcome all fears and attachments.

Seven Major Chakras 6 AjnaAjna Chakra is sixth of seven major chakras – The term “third eye” is associated with this chakra, which is considered to represent the seat of human intuition.

When the Ajna chakra is awakened, a person gets very subtle insight into all aspects of life. Just power attributed to this chakra (clairvoyance, telepathy and extrasensory perception) makes it one of the most attractive and interesting.

It is located in space behind the eyebrows, the place where we find an interesting gland with cone forms – the pineal gland.

This is actually the first gland begins to develop even while in the womb.

While other glands exchange energy with each other, the pineal gland gets its energy over the eyes.

By the eighth year of life, she works in its full force and develops further. This is why young children are sometimes extremely intelligent and intuitive, and you often surprised by some of my observations and reactions.

However, with the entry into puberty, the energy goes into the lower part of the body, in order to develop sexual organs. Then the pineal gland begins to shrivel because the body develops further while awareness is stagnating.

Throughout life, you actually unconsciously trying in various ways to relight the pineal gland, a youthful spirit and understanding that you had as children.

Through the Ajna chakra begin to develop so-called witness consciousness – all experiences that happen to you in life, you get a higher purpose. At this level, however, the saying, “What is your vision, this is your world.” This is one reason why many esoteric schools mainly cultivate practices through which the Ajna chakra awakens first.

And so in Kundalini yoga is very well known technique Cobra breath that activates precisely this gland. The pineal gland or her subtle body of the third eye is mentioned in almost all the writings of religious or metaphysical nature.

Mystics always know how to actually head there to internal around which it is possible to see absolutely everything, you just need to deepen the vision.

Seven Major Chakras 7 SahasraraSahasrara Chakra is seventh of seven major chakras – Sahasrara chakra or popularly called “lotus with a thousand petals” is on top of the head.

The term “thousand” actually represents its fullness and limitlessness. It is also not considered chakra, but most residents of consciousness.

Physical corresponds to the pituitary gland, which also controls every gland in particular and the whole system of the body.

It is the crown of the expansion of consciousness and the supreme chakra. It is said that the power of the chakras is not actually in the chakras, but in the Sahasrara.

Chakras are really just “switch” ignition Sahasrara.

Until all the chakras are not activated, Sahasrara remains incomplete, thus the human entire mental and life potential. All chakras are part of the Sahasrara. Sahasrara is part of the chakras. Kundalini shakti energy bar merges with the source from which it was created. When this happens, a person is experiencing self-realization.

As Muladhara Chakra last chakra in animal evolution, so the Sahasrara chakra last in human evolution.

It is believed that the Sahasrara starts divine evolution and that is above the head chakras are divine. All mystical and religious systems are describing the state of bliss in their own way. Nirvana, Samadhi, illumination, paradise, etc..

However, to the esoteric symbolism and terminology in the ancient scriptures fully realized, they need to read through the different state of consciousness.



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