Several Reasons Why You Should Start Sleep on the Left Side

Left Side Sleeping

Left Side Sleeping

During the day and night, our body is working with full steam. The best way to help our body is during the night.

That`s a time when we can apply some small tricks and give an easier time to our body.

You are asking yourself what better side to sleep is.

Left side or right side?

Some studies are showing that is better to sleep on the left part of your body.

Those people who prefer to sleep on that side probably are happier from people who are sleeping on their right side.

A lot of people are changing postures and turning over the night because that is best for their sleep posture and is a common thing for their comfort.

Put a pillow behind back if it`s recommended to sleep on the left side by some medical reasons.

Thus is preventing to rollover overnight.

Left side sleeping is better than right side

It`s better for heart function

You know that heart location is on the left part of the body so sleeping on your left side makes sense for lymphatic drainage of your heart will be aided and easier by gravity.

That is relieving the load on your heart while you sleep.

It helps to better elimination

It`s better to sleep on your left side that will allow the gravity to help and encourage waste from your food to pass through your small intestines and go to the colon.

Location of your spleen is on your left side

The spleen is part of the lymphatic system and is located on your left side.

The spleen works like a giant lymph node which is filtering the blood and lymph from your body.

Similar like your heart, gravity will helps drainage whenever you sleep on the left part of your body.

Some other benefits if you sleep on left side are:

Prevents back pain

– It helps and improves for our blood to flow in the kidneys, uterus and fetus.

– It`s great and helps for circulation

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