Shocking – Chemical Food! Be Aware What Food You Buy! Must See This!

Chemical Food

Chemical Food

Nowadays more and more people all over the world are driven towards eating healthy ingredients and foods and having healthy habits and lifestyle.

We all know that eating healthy ingredients and foods would involve consuming naturally fruits and vegetables.

Healthy and natural fruits and vegetables should be as a part of our everyday life.

Chemical food, like it or not is present in our life

However, has it sometimes crossed through your mind if all of these ingredients, vegetables and fruits are really safe or healthy?

Surprisingly, but even the fruits and vegetables that we all know as natural and healthy could be really life-threatening and harmful chemical food.

One shocking video about chemical food recently discovers how could someone easily make fresh and natural looking fruits and vegetables.

That`s mean that we can sometimes have chemical food on out table in the kitchen.

Actually, we have already ate and had chemical food on our table just we were not aware of that.

This chemical that you can see in the video below is Erythrosine – known as Red No. 3.

Erythrosine is generally used in some sweets like popsicles and candies, and even is more used for cake- decorating gels.

This chemical is used for pistachio shells coloring.

As an additive to the food, this chemical has the E number E127.

In 1990, the USA Food and Drug Administration – FDA has partially banned this chemical.

It has been found that high doses of Erythrosine cause cancer in rats.

In 2008, CSPI – the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned /sent a petition to the FDA to ban complete Erythrosine in the USA.

In 1990, one study concluded that chronic consumption of erythrosine may advance the thyroid tumor formation.

Buy your ingredients, fruits and vegetable from well-known markets or known farmers.

Probably on that way is less chance that you can have and eat chemical food at your home.



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