Home Health A Single Habit Guarantees Crazy Orgasms And Quality Sleep!
A Single Habit Guarantees Crazy Orgasms And Quality Sleep!

A Single Habit Guarantees Crazy Orgasms And Quality Sleep!

Each of us is every day faced with stressful situations and sometimes it can be really hard to have a quality sleep.

In addition, nowadays with all that stressful situations, it`s difficult to relax and commit to enjoyment but really enjoy.

Just as stress affects our daily functioning, so does our quality sleep, but also on the sex life!

But do not worry, there is a solution.

Meditation will improve your quality sleep

Meditation repeatedly proves that can relieve tension and nervousness in our stressful everyday life.

Emily Fletcher – Meditation instructor, dealing with the Vedic meditation, revealed the tips for a more relaxed life, sleep and sex life.

Thanks to meditation you will introduce yourself in the fourth stage of meditation – superconscious state of mind.

In addition, in this fourth stage of meditation, your body is resting two to five times deeper than during dreaming.

At the same time, it allows your body to get rid of your accumulated stress – says Emily.

Also, there is a strong association between sleep and meditation, since they both relax the body and mind.

With the help of meditation, you can also solve the everyday stress.

At the same time, you will literally add to your sleeping one more important factor – quality sleep.

When you are not meditating, your body uses sleep to reduce stress.

Then, one of the consequences is overly active mind, ultimately resulting in constant fatigue.

And finally, you also know that meditation will improve your sex life and quality sleep!

Namely, when a woman has in the body significantly high levels of a stress hormone cortisol literally become physically unable to have an orgasm.

Also, with meditation, we will relieve stress and thus reduces the levels of cortisol in the body.

In addition, that is one more factor that will guarantee that our orgasm will never stay elusive.

When we practice meditation, we will sharpen our senses, and sex will become even more pleasant and satisfying experience.

Therefore, it`s enough to have at least 15 minutes of meditation daily to improve our sex life and quality sleep.


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