Home Health Sitting Is Harmful To Our Health! You Do Not Believe It? Watch This Video!
Sitting Is Harmful To Our Health! You Do Not Believe It? Watch This Video!

Sitting Is Harmful To Our Health! You Do Not Believe It? Watch This Video!

SittingModern lifestyle has one unhealthy form of behavior that has negative consequences on our health.

There are warnings that the duration of that behavior must be shortened and it is inevitable to replace with standing or much better with walking.

Scientists are constantly warning about the harmful effects of one of the most usual condition – sitting.

Avoid sitting as much as possible

Last year they found a link between sedentary lifestyle and increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

Lower back pain is one of the common problems when we are in sitting position.

At that position, a lot of people also can have sciatica problem.

Lower back pain and sciatica can be very painful and unpleasant things in our everyday life.

Generally, whenever we have something to do with sitting position we should stand up from time to time.

Taking exercises can solve problems like lower back pain or sciatica.

Walking is one more thing that will help our body and at the same time, we will avoid sitting.

Generally, whenever you have time it`s better to use that for walking through nature, swimming, some sports activity or even massage for your body

Video prepared by the team Ted-Ed says that sitting does not match to the structure of our body.

It has a negative impact on every part of our body starting from the circulation to brain activity.

Although sitting is necessary, when we take a break from stress or physical activity, it cannot grow into the most common activity of our everyday life.

Hope that you will understand how important is moving for our body and overall health.

On that way, we will do the right thing for our health and that is preventing is better than curing.

Therefore, take a look at the video below and move as often as possible.



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