Skin Care! The Raw Truth! UV Camera Showed How The Sun Actually Works On Your Skin! (VIDEO)

Skin Care

Skin care is one of the most important health care for our precious body and health.

Probably most of you have healthy and natural skin care but did you know these facts?

First of all, it is important to use sunscreen even when you’re on the beach.

Furthermore, you need to protect your skin even during walking.

In addition, you need to have skin care for any occasion when you expose your skin to the bright sunlight.

Video entitled “How you see the sun” was created with the aim to raise awareness.

That awareness is about the impact of solar radiation on the skin.

Also, the author of the video, Thomas Leveritt, wants a show to people why it is important to use sunscreen.

That is important just when they are not at the beach or pool, but in any exposure to sunlight.

With the help of ultraviolet cameras, volunteers show how their skins actually look.

Skin care is for everyone to protect their skin

As you can see, it shows the damage that the sun makes on their facial skin.

You can notice that the naked eye cannot see those damages of your skin.

People were surprised and shocked by showing their faces on this particular camera, as in a mirror their skin looks normal.

However, they discover numerous freckles, blemishes, and wrinkles that the sun makes due to inadequate protection.

To prove to people that sunscreen protection creams protect and reflect sun rays, they gave them to put oil on the face.

But in that image had been caught as well as damaged parts of the skin that they did not know that are existing.

To prove that the camera is set to point to irregularities they show the face of the baby.

As you can see, the baby face is perfectly clean and healthy to an ultraviolet camera, as well as several people with intact skin.

The good protection and treatment have the sunglasses, but they protect a much smaller area of the face.

This proves the claiming of the author that is mentioned in the video – that all are born with a beautiful and healthy skin.

The consequences which will happen later are the result of our irresponsibility.

Look the video and decide which skin care you will use to protect your precious skin!

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