Here Is Why You Have A Slow Metabolism! 9 Most Common Reasons!

Slow Metabolism

If you like to have a healthy body and not have a slow metabolism you need to be properly fed.

The solution is simple.

You need to have meals every three to four hours.

Namely, you need to have breakfast, snack, lunch, and again a snack and dinner.

In addition, before each meal, take two glasses of water to reduce your appetite.

These are the most common causes of slow metabolism

– 1. Lower calorie intake

You’ve decided to lose weight and also to reduce your calorie intake.

Do not be hungry!

If you reduce too much from the calories you will do just the opposite thing.

You will have a slow metabolism.

In addition, the body begins to use muscle tissue as its energy.

– 2. Deficiency of caffeine

Do not put caffeine just through coffee.

You can also use green tea, which is a healthier source of caffeine than coffee.

In addition, caffeine accelerates metabolism by about 15 percent.

– 3. Lack of proteins

Proteins are also involved in building the muscles.

In addition, they are the excellent ingredient that will activate your slow metabolism.

– 4. Lack of fiber

The daily intake of fibers can reduce weight by 5 to 7 percent.

In addition, you need to eat plenty of dark green vegetables and whole grain foods.

– 5. Calcium deficiency

You need to use more calcium-rich foods: cheese, milk, broccoli, kale, figs

This is especially important for women health.

– 6. Water temperature

It is interesting that cold water really slows down the metabolism.

If you wonder why is that, that is because the body spends more energy to heat up the water.

– 7. Lack of vitamin D

The vitamin D has a direct effect on the exchange of materials – nutrient particles.

Salmonidae, eggs, trout, and mackerel are the natural and healthy sources of vitamin D.

– 8. Lack of iron

The iron has a very important importance in burning fat.

The iron is in relation with oxygen delivery in the muscles where the fat is burned.

You can take iron in a natural way, by eating meat, green vegetables, oatmeal, etc..

When the source of iron in the body is increased, it will automatically increase your slow metabolism.

– 9. Consuming alcohol

When an alcohol is present in the body, the body uses alcohol calories first.

Of course, you do not really need it.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and even a delicious cocktail while you are on a diet.

Follow those 9 healthy tips to avoid slow metabolism.

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