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Sneaky Reasons why you can Feel Bloating

Sneaky Reasons why you can Feel Bloating


Among a lot of matters of digestive distress and dietary some people complain of bloating and gas.

Some people can feel bloated almost all the time and some people just a few times in a month.

Most of the people describe that their belly will explode or it looks like in pregnant women.

Actually bloating is gas trapped in our stomach.

Here are some of the reasons why you can feel bloated and how to treat and solve that unpleasant feeling.


It can be just constipation not bloating.

Actually gas can be trapped behind poop.

You can help for poop to move faster if you eat more fiber and gas can be free to flow out.

But be patient to eat and increase fiber slowly.

Don`t eat a lot of fibers because you can make bloating much more badly.

You need to eat whole grain bread instead of white bread, eat more berries and make your fruit smoothies at your home.

Bloating can be treated


A low-carb diet can help to some people with a bloating problem.

If you don`t digest properly carbs you can feel bloated.

Try to avoid alcohol, sugar and starches to prevent a bloating problem.

Try to replace unprocessed sweets and sugar with juiced, blended or steamed berries, fruits and vegetables.

You are too stressed

It`s proven by many studies that you can feel bloated if you are stressed.

Brain it`s preventing a digestive tract to function properly.

You can feel bloated if you have constipation and stomach ache.

You need to relieve stress and take care of your diet if you feel bloated and to prevent some digestive problems.

Are you drinking enough water?

If you do not drink enough water it can be a lot of times a cause for health problems and numerous diseases.

A major cause for dehydration can be alcohol, sugar and coffee.

If you are taking a lot of these stuff probably, you will be dehydrated. 2.5 liters of water per day is the normal consuming so you will not have these problems.

Are you eating too fast?

Eating slowly your meal and drinking slowly will prevent you to feel bloated.

It`s very important to chew slowly your food.

Take your food in small bites and chew slowly.

Chewing food properly will prevent you from digestive problems and bloating.

Here are natural remedies to prevent and treat bloating – carminative stomach.


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