Snoring! Why You Are Snoring And Natural Ways To Stop Snoring



Each of us sometimes snores.

However, if the snoring is repeated day after day can have effects on sleep quality and simultaneously disturb the sleep of other family members.

People whose sleep accompanied by intense snoring can during the day feel fatigue, irritability, and similar health problems arising as a result of a bad dream.

In fact, snoring is often the result of specific health problems.

Snoring and natural ways to stop

The most common causes of snoring

Snoring occurs when air cannot move freely through the nose and mouth during sleep.

Very often the cause of this narrowing of the airways, either from the improper position during sleep or abnormalities of the soft tissues in the throat (tissue that is susceptible to vibration) and produces a sound we know as snoring.

The delicate position of a tongue during sleep can also cause loud snoring.

It is known that snoring occurs more frequently in men than in women because men have a narrower throat.

Narrow throat, cleft palate, and other physical characteristics that contribute to snoring are very often determined by genetic inheritance.

These include also blocked airways due to sinus problems.

That is making difficulties with breathing air.

And when we have the loud snoring there are no peaceful evenings for the person who snores and also for those who sleep in the same room.

In such situations, many people are desperately asking: How to stop snoring?

How to stop snoring

Snoring can be mitigated or even completely stopped in many ways which include surgical intervention.

The first step in solving the problem of snoring is to find the cause of snoring, and then to take certain treatments.

However, there are a lot of harmless things that you can take on your own and try to stop snoring.

Some changes in lifestyle that can stop snoring

If you are overweight try to reduce your weight.

Weight loss can have a direct impact on the reduction of adipose tissue in the back of the throat which will increase the mobility of air and alleviate or eliminate snoring.

Avoid sleeping on your back, because in this position tongue and soft tissues are withdrawn in the back and interfere with breathing.

Stop smoking

Smokers are more likely to snore during sleep because they have damaged the respiratory system.

Avoid alcohol and various sedatives

Alcohol and various sedatives, especially before going to bed relax muscle tissue in the throat which also interferes with breathing.

Keep clean nostrils

Washing up before going to sleep and keep in mind that you totally clean the nostrils.

Humidity in the room

Keep your room where you sleep with sufficient humidity because if the air is too dry irritates the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

This very often occurs as a problem in homes with central heating.

The exercises that can stop snoring

There are specific exercises for the throat that contribute to reinforcing the muscles of the upper respiratory tract and that after some time can significantly reduce snoring.

In order for exercise to be effective, it must be administered daily for 30 minutes.

Do not be afraid of this, because when you’re well rehearsed you will be able to perform them along with other daily activities so that you will not take up valuable time nor pose a particular burden.

– Say aloud each vowel (AEIOU), lasting three minutes.

Repeat the exercise several times a day.

– Place the tip of the tongue behind the upper front teeth and pull back your tongue how much you can.

Practice this for three minutes.

Repeat this exercise several times a day.

– Close your mouth and press your lips together.

Keep them in this position for half a minute.

Repeat several times during the day.

– Open your mouth and move the lower jaw to the right and hold it in this position for half a minute.

Then move on the left side your lower jaw to repeat the same exercise.

The exercises begin gradual increase with the number of sets from day to day.

Singing against snoring

It seems that people who don`t sing during the day have more chances to snore during sleep.

If you hate to do the above exercises against snoring, we suggest you try singing.

Similar exercises and singing can increase muscle control throat and soft palate, so it can reduce snoring caused by weak muscles.

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