Home Diets Spicy Food Extends Life, Improves Digestion And Circulation!
Spicy Food Extends Life, Improves Digestion And Circulation!

Spicy Food Extends Life, Improves Digestion And Circulation!

For sure, at least once in your life you try the spicy food and have the feeling that your mouth is literally burning up.

Also, consuming spicy foods is sometimes a painful experience people around the world continue to enjoy it daily.

The effects that spicy sausage, hot peppers, horseradish, black pepper, and also other spicy have on human bodies range from very good to very uncomfortable.

In addition, find out what are the consequences of consuming those sometimes incomprehensible spicy ingredients.

Spicy food health benefits

Stimulates tongue pain receptors

Because of capsaicin – the main spicy compound, your mouths believe that sausage is hot because it is associated with receptors on your tongue.

The same receptors appear in your brain when, literally, you burn!

It confuses the brain

The receptors in the tongue activate both heat and capsaicin (but it does not know what it is all about).

When you are consuming spicy ingredients your brain believes that the temperature is much higher than it is actually the case.

You do not really burn up.

However, for some reason, you like that feeling.

Raises body temperature

A spicy ingredient raises your body temperature.

That is why, you start to sweat, and also you become red (because of the spread of the capillary).

At the same time, you can have and a leaking from your nose.

Remember, this is all a reaction to the fictional heat.

Increases blood flow to your stomach

Pain receptors on your tongue are also similar to those we can find on the stomach wall.

Therefore, you can feel cramps and, sometimes, the urge to go to the toilet with the ingestion of spicy food.

However, do not worry, all this actually speeds up your metabolism.

Strengthening the secretion of mucus

The tingling you feel in the nose and on your skin increases the amount of saliva that is created in your mouth.

Therefore, you will often swallow saliva.

However, if you want to “cool down”, ice is not a solution!

Capsaicin is not water-soluble, but it prefers oil and fat.

Therefore, milk and also sour cream are very effective in reducing the feeling of heat.

Enhances blood circulation

Spicy ingredients act as stimulants:

– It increases blood flow to the stomach

– Accelerates heartbeat

– Generally gives energy to the body

Spicy ingredients help in cancer treatment

The main compound capsaicin is proved as a fighter against dangerous diseases – including cancer.

There are a lot of proves that can also help in fighting this disease.

One of the best sources of this compound is chili peppers.

It extends life

Although the burning sensation usually does not last longer than 15 minutes, some studies have shown that a large amount of vitamin C in capsaicin (and possibly all of the aforementioned) will lead to prolonged life.

This is a sample of spicy food lovers, at least those who consume 4 times a week.

Therefore, it is advisable to include those spicy ingredients in your healthy eating diet.

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Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29258175




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