Spine Connection With Our Inner Organs!

Spine Connection

Spine Connection

Spine and spine connection with our inner organs are one of the important things to know.

We cannot stand without a spine.

We cannot stand up without a spine.

In addition, we cannot keep our self up without spine and spine connection with our body.

This part gives to our body structure and support.

Spine helps us to move freely and to bend with a lot of flexibility.

The first function of the spine is to protect our spinal cord.

The spinal cord is connected with our body and one of the most important organs –our brain.

Without the spinal cord, we cannot move even one part of our body.

In addition, without the spinal cord, our organs cannot function.

Therefore, it`s vital and important to keep our spine healthy if we like to have a healthy and active life.

Normally, when we have some problems with our spine is because we have some problem in totally different parts of our body.

We are treating those diseases without any effect.

Learn the spine connection with our inner organs

That is why we need to pay more closely attention to spine connection with our organs.

Our spine can tell us where are the problem in our inner body.

If we feel or have a back pain, we can know the part of our spine is affected with those anomalies.

Therefore we can point a specific problem related to a specific organ of our body.

Sine connection with our organs you can see from the picture above.

For example, about 70 percentages of headaches occur from our spine.

Spine connection with our organs:

– Tinnitus, difficulty swallowing, vision problems can occur because of malfunction of our intervertebral disc.

– Tingling and pain in our hands – we need to check our spine in the neck area.

– A pain in our stomach or intestines, problems with the area of our heart or chest – it is a problem with the thoracic part of our spine.

– Pain in the hips and thighs, walking – decreasing sensitivity in our legs – there is a lumbar spine problem.

Therefore, a proper treatment and strengthening of our spine can help us and will remove the problems of our inner organs.


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