Spine Pain Disappears Immediately! Massage This Point On Foot And You will Feel As Reborn!

Spine Pain

Spine Pain

Did you know that massaging the feet can relieve spine pain?!

According to the study conducted by the Iranian Journal of medicine and obstetrics, a nurse who suffered from back pain have been used the massage.

Massage of specific points on your foot can reduce spine pain

During the study, 50 men and women, medical workers who claimed to suffer from chronic pain in the lower back is passed through the 40-minute massages three times a week for two weeks.

Half of the group went through reflexology massage, massaging specific parts of their body which are connected with back pain.

At the same time, the other group used a general massage therapy.

At the end of the study, a number of participants who have gone through reflexology massage are reported greater improvement in their lower back and reduced the spine pain than another group that serves the general therapy.

However, both groups reported a significant reduction of pain in the lower back.

This study demonstrates that any type of massage can reduce pain in the lower back while massage targeted and specific points of the body associated with pain in the lower back give much higher results.

Foot and back pain

It has been demonstrated that the foot is associated with back pain.

The edges of your feet are associated with back pain over points and when they are massaged, it is possible that caused spine pain and stiffness will disappear.

You can massage your own foot or someone else can give you a massage – both methods are equally effective.

You will notice results after the first foot massage.

Massage is pleasant and healthy and every person can make the foot massage.

Dedicate at least 10-20 minutes, 2-3 days a week massaging feet.

The proper execution of foot massage

Sit on the floor cross-legged holding one foot.

From the picture you can see where a place of spine line to massage the foot is.

Gently massage the line from the front to the rear of the foot, the inside of the foot.

By applying pressure on these points you directly influence your spine.


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