St. John`s Wort! A Herb For Many Diseases!

St. John`s Wort

Natural medicine for a long time knows and recognize St. John’s Wort for its medicinal properties.

This herb is a frequent guest in our homes and we are happy to use this herb for the removal of many ailments.

In the first place, a natural medicine uses it for treating wounds, stomach cramps, kidney, spleen, liver, bladder, phlegm in the lungs and beneficial effect on the blood.

St. John’s Wort has several names such as Goat weed, Lady’s flower etc.

It is a perennial plant and grows to a height of about one meter and the flowers are bright yellow in color.

St. John’s Wort likes a dry land and plenty of sun but often grows in meadows and uncultivated fields and dry hillocks.

Medicinal parts of St. John`s Wort are the leaves and flowers and the best time to pick them is in May and June.

St. John’s Wort is from ancient times used as an effective tool and tested the natural remedy for healing wounds and against burns, cuts, hemorrhoids.

For internal use mint proved against the pain in the stomach, liver, anti-diarrhea and intestinal parasites.

Successfully suppresses uncontrolled urination.

In combination with other medicinal plants, is an excellent tool for the treatment of colds, persistent cough, and asthma.

This plant has a pronounced antibacterial effect and is a natural antiseptic.

You can also use St. John’s Wort to treat mild forms of depression and as a tranquilizer.

Wrapping it all up is not any wonder that folk medicine says that this plant for a lot of diseases.

St. John`s Wort is a well-known herb

St. John’s Wort oil

In addition, to hundreds of oil from this herb people use in the kitchen as a seasoning for dishes used for wraps, massages, tranquilizers, relaxation and as a cure for stomach pains.

You can use this oil especially if you have a dry, brittle and cracked skin.

It is also good as a protection from the sun, radiation, acne and pimples, burns, sprains, muscle injuries, bruises and all rheumatic diseases.

Drink 30 drops of St. John’s Wort oil with a little liquid against stomach pains and for sedation, three times a day, half an hour before meals.

For outdoor use, in mild disease, the affected area with oil of St. John’s Wort while with more, soak the tissue or gauze and kept as a compress.

St. John’s Wort Tea

Tea from this herb is necessary to drink several times a day, for the treatment of inflammation and pain of internal organs.

Be prepared with one teaspoon leaves and flowers of the plant poured into one cup of boiling water.

After 10 minutes, strain it and drink unsweetened.