Home Drinks Start Your Day With A Glass Of Warm Salty Water! It’s A Miracle!
Start Your Day With A Glass Of Warm Salty Water! It’s A Miracle!

Start Your Day With A Glass Of Warm Salty Water! It’s A Miracle!

A glass of warm salty water for health and relaxation in India has been practiced since ancient times.

Even scientists admit that drinking warm salty water can have a positive impact on our body.

It is simple – in a glass of spring water (2.5 dl), place 2 teaspoons of an organic Himalayan salt.

Also, be sure that all Himalayan salt is melted.

Then, you need also to put one teaspoon of that mixture each morning into the lukewarm cooked water.

Now you can drink it on an empty stomach.

Keep the mixture of spring water and organic Himalayan salt in a dry and dark place.

It can stay for a long time.

Himalayan salt contains 84 essential minerals and trace elements.

It has a low sodium level and a large number of electrolytes so that it effectively hydrates the body.

It is much better than white kitchen salt because doesn`t dehydrate organism.

This type of cleaning the body from toxins in India has been practiced since ancient times.

It is detoxifying the body and regenerating it.

In addition, this warm salty water:

– Balances blood sugar

– Regulates metabolism

– Strengthens immunity

– Balances hormones

– Replenishes electrolytes

– Helps burning fats, and thus slimming

Ayurveda states that the Himalayan salt soothes, stabilizes the emotions and the nervous system and also gives energy to the whole body.

The Himalayan salt dissolved in water to create warm salty water is often called “energized water”.

Some other benefits of warm salty water:

It encourages digestion

It will help you if you have problems with digestion and suffer from constipation often.

Drink it every morning and it will start producing the enzymes responsible for faster digestive tract activity and also will normalize digestion.

It alleviates insomnia

Minerals in the Himalayan salt also soothe the nervous system.

This makes that you easily fall asleep and also you will sleep better.

If you suffer from insomnia, this drink will also alleviate it.

It is antibacterial

A glass of warm salty water will remove out of your body the excessive bacteria and also toxins.

As you know excessive bacteria and also harmful toxins damage the body and result in diseases. Also, the skin will be cleaner and more comfortable.

Healthy bones

This drink supposedly helps people that suffer from osteoporosis because alkaline salts of minerals have a beneficial effect on the bones.

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