Stevia Kills The Desire For Sweets, Alcohol, And Cigarettes!


Recent research conducted in Germany has shown that Stevia helps to leave sweets, cigarettes, and also alcohol.

In addition, it successfully suppresses the desire for it again.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health and also it is very difficult to leave it.

Nicotine is very dangerous and also contagious.

At the same time, it is making you craving for it more and more.

If you want to quit smoking, this natural remedy is best for you.

Stevia blocks signals in your brain that send you nicotine. If you want to leave smoking, it’s enough to consume a very small amount.

What is Stevia

His herb belongs to the order of herbs “Stevia rebaudiana” from Paraguay and also Brazil.

Nutritionists also recommend this herb as a sweetener before medical activity has been discovered.

You can find it in the form of liquid and also powder and it is healthy to use it in your diet.

Nutritionists also recommend this herb for all those who want to lose weight and have normal blood pressure.

In addition, it’s good for diabetics too.

At the same time, you can use it as a face mask to tighten up the skin and make it soft.

It is good against acne and also as an anti-aging treatment.

How to grow Stevia at your home

What is best of all is that you can completely grow up this herb by yourself.

It grows throughout the year, but it cannot survive at cold temperatures.

However, the root remains all and grows again in the spring.

Place it 30 cm deep in a flowerpot and also use good quality soil.

Let it be directly affected by sun rays and also put water regularly to avoid drying.

Make sure that herb has enough space in a flowerpot.

It is about 40 cm in height depending on the season.

It is best to wait for the winter to pass and then plant it.

In addition, during the summer you need to put water regularly in a flowerpot.

It is blooming in the fall, so you can remove the little flowers in order to grow new.

Also, at this time the plant grows and all leaves are not healthy.

After you can pick up the leaves and also dry them.

In that way, you will be able to use them for a long time.

Put them on a light cloth and also dry them out of the sun.

The leaves will dry for one day.

Pick them up and also put them in the bowl or glass jar.

Then you can make them into the powder with a hand or a grinding machine.

In addition, you need to keep the stevia powder in a well-sealed bowl.

You can also sweeten the food and drink with this powder as desired.

Make sure that this plant does not match the humid soil.

If it starts to fade, then the root is rotten.

Sometimes, insects can be a problem.

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