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Stop Eating Meat! All The Pros And Cons!

Stop Eating Meat! All The Pros And Cons!

For whatever reason you decide to reduce your meat (or to completely switch to a vegetarian diet), the body will start to change.

The pros and cons when you stop eating meat

-1. You will lose weight

Respondents who stop eating this food will lose weight.

On average, they lose 5 kg – the researchers said.

In doing so, they did not change exercise routine even counting calories.

-2. You will change the intestinal microflora

Vegans have more species of intestinal bacteria that fight inflammation.

Nevertheless, there is a greater difference between the concentration of intestinal microflora in vegetarians and omnivores, according to a study University of New York.

-3. You may lose important nutrients

From the plant-based diet is quite difficult to get enough iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B12.

Also, you might miss and important protein.

Legumes, nuts are a good source of protein and healthy fat.

In addition, if you eat foods rich in iron (like spinach) certainly combine them with vitamin C (for example in your spinach salad put a lemon juice).

The eggs are a good source of vitamin D.

However, if you switch to a vegetarian diet, be sure to have a consultation with a nutritionist or doctor.

-4. You may reduce your risk of cancer

The World Health Organization last year shocked all people that eat meat.

Bacon and sausages and also other processed meat are classified in the same group of carcinogens as cigarettes.

This does not mean that both increase the risk of cancer.

But the evidence for meat and cigarettes to be carcinogenic is equally hard.

In any case, meat causes cancer, especially bowel cancer.

If this food is more processed, it is worse.

-5. Surely, you will reduce your risk of heart disease

In addition, to excessive intake of fat (which often accompanies an exaggeration in the flesh) the American – Lerner Research Institute point to carnitine.

This compound from red meat promotes reactions that favor the development of cardiovascular disease.

It is now, up to you if you will eat meat in the future.


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