Home Beauty Stop Throwing Away Banana Peel – It Has Amazing Uses
Stop Throwing Away Banana Peel – It Has Amazing Uses

Stop Throwing Away Banana Peel – It Has Amazing Uses

Banana Peel

Banana is my favorite fruit when we speak about fruits.

It`s healthy, inexpensive and delicious.

Among other minerals and vitamins, this fruit is rich in pectin, potassium and vitamin B.

Regular consumption of banana can prevent diabetes, keep our nervous system healthy, reduce swelling and we have a higher ability for fighting free radicals.

That what I like at bananas is not just yummy taste and health benefits.

Banana peel has amazing benefits

Do you know that banana peel can be also as beneficial as the fruit?

Banana peel is loaded with proteins, magnesium, potassium, fiber and vitamin B.

Whenever I eat a banana I preserve banana peel because it has numerous amazing uses.

Benefits from Banana peel

-1. Natural polish

I know that everyone will like this, especially ladies.

Banana peel can save a lot of yours money.

You can use them for polishing almost everything

It can be used for polishing your silver, leather furniture and even your shoes.

You need just rub the soft side of this peel on the object and after just finish your polishing with a piece of cloth.

-2 Teeth whitener

If you rub your teeth for 2 min. with the soft side, you will be surprised from the effect you will get.

This is the easiest, natural and the most efficient way to get a “Hollywood smile”.

You need to rinse well after rubbing.

Do this 2 times per day and soon you will see some improvement.

-3. Anti-acne treatment

The peel from banana is rich with antioxidants which you can use them to remove bacteria from the face and soothe the condition.

You need to rub your face with the soft side of peel for 1 min.

This procedure you need to repeat 3 times per day to get improving your skin condition.

-4. Remove warts

There are 2 treatments when we speak about removing warts.

The first one is to rub with soft side directly on warts.

The second one is to place a small piece of banana peel on the wart and cover with a bandage.

-5. Anti-wrinkle treatment

Banana peel nourishes the skin, it makes it soft tight and also can decrease the wrinkles.

Just rub with the soft side of a peel on the area with wrinkles and enjoy in your smoother skin complexion.

-6. Hemorrhoids

A peel from this fruit has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve pain and decrease swelling of hemorrhoids.

You need to rub with the soft side of a peel affected area for 5 min. 4-5 times per day.

The other way is to place a piece of banana peel on the affected area and cover with a bandage.

-7. Insect bites and skin irritation

These peels are packed with a lot of nutrients that have shown their effectiveness in relieving itching, stinging sensation and pain.

You just need to rub with the soft side onto your irritated skin area.

At the same time, you will moisturize the skin.

-8. Psoriasis

Rub with the soft side the affected areas.

You can treat psoriasis in just a few days.

-9. Bruises

With its very strong regenerative healing properties, this peel can speed up the process of healing at bruises.

Twice per day rub affected areas and you can relieve itchiness and treat psoriasis.

-10. Removing metal ions

There is a study from Dr. Shyam Shukla at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas where a banana peel powder has worked best in removing the metal ions from water.

Source: plantxing.com



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